Writing Prompt!

Prompt: Use these 5 words in your piece: staycation, dominoes, tango, power outage, heat.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. My family was on a staycation at my house playing dominoes when there was a power outage. The heat in the room started to fade and the chilly cold that seeped in through the drafty walls replaced it. We all needed to stay warm so we started to dance. My sister and I danced hip hop and my parents danced tango. As we all were dancing our hearts out the power came back on.

  2. Edwardo was in the middle of an elaborately planned staycation when his friend, Sasha, dropped by. Sasha insisted, “It is time for you to finally face your fear and play me in dominoes! That is, if you aren’t afraid to take the heat of competition.” Edwardo replied, “Fine! The only way I will do it, though, is if I listen to tango music. It motivates me.” Edwardo and Sasha launched into an intense match when the music turned off during a power outage. By the time the power turned back on, the two friends were once again battling it out to become the champ of dominoes. “Oh yeah! I finally faced my fear and beat you in dominoes at the same time! Time for my tango victory dance,” exclaimed Edwardo. As the night wrapped up, Edwardo and Sasha danced together for the tango victory dance.

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