Global Change by Alexia

We are a dying breed,
Losing everything we need,
So let’s get on our feet and plead,
Until we are freed,
From the eternal hell of hate,
From the fruitless debate,
That we choose because we refuse to educate,
We can prepare for what may await,
The destructive wrath,
The warpath,
The aftermath,
Of a psychopath,
Or we can get on our feet and plead,
In hope of crushing greed,
In hope of saving our dying breed,
In hope of protecting the next generation,
To promote ecological liberation,
To save our dwindling civilization,
We must get on our feet and plead,
Until we are freed,
Because these are our sisters and brothers,
These are our fathers and mothers,
And we have to take care of each other,
Imagine all we could do,
If we had a world view,
We could save the innocent,
End the torment,
Start the repent,
In hope to prevent,
The world from warming over,
Another war all over,
And cleaning up what’s left over,
Our time has come but not yet gone,
Let us face this new dawn,
With hopes for a phenomenon,
Let us clean what we have soiled,
And restore what we have spoiled,
Give us the strength to lift our hands,
So we can renew the lands,
So we can plant more trees,
The future of our world depends on you and me,
Let us cry,
We will not shy,
So let us hold our heads high,
And refuse to let our planet and people die.


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  1. Erica DeCrescenzo

    Wow! That was awesome 🙂

  2. Thanks Erica! 🙂

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