Writing Prompt!

Prompt: Write a poem from the point of view of a young prodigy who is an orphan.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to the comments!


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  1. He knew he was brilliant,
    But he just wasn’t as resilient,
    His parents had left him in the cold,
    Alone in this dark, dark world,
    He was constantly being pushed down,
    By all those around,
    The said he was clingy,
    But what else could he do in a world this dreary?
    He knew he had the will to stand,
    But he couldn’t,
    Not in a world this dreary,
    Not in a world so cold.

    (I have never written poetry before so please bear with me)

  2. Practicing some Haiku today, woot!

    All this creativity,
    An abundance of,
    What looks to be something great.

    Though wait just one moment sir,
    I am alone, yes,
    Wallowed in my misery.

    All the creativity,
    What does it matter,
    Without the love of one mother.

    I’ll create in spite of this,
    Dedicate it to,
    The loving one who I miss.

    I will not remorse in life,
    I will rejoice, yes,
    And spread my gift to the land.

  3. They know me because of my knowledge,
    they reply when I speak.
    Yet they can’t wrap the bandage,
    around the wound cut deep.
    My experience of love is small,
    and I am drowning in what I thought was good intentions
    But when you are noticed by all,
    they will never feed the quench that no one mentions.
    And what I know may be the cause of my fame,
    but I will never know of the soft whisper that speaks my name.

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