The Unborn Letters By Hannah

Dear mom
I am not yet born hear me
please dont let the scrounging snakes
or scoundrels near me.

I am not yet born but provide me
with growing grass, talking trees, a blue
bird to sing and the North Star to guide me.

I am not yet born but forgive me
for my thoughts when they write
the words I speak. For my life I have life
yet Im not living. For my death… On that
day it shall be our last shared breathe.

Momma just know Im sorry!

Dear mom
I am not yet born please provide me
with power against those who halt my
humanity, make me a machine’s mechanism,
and suffocate my soul. For I am the lively
liquid held in hands… so please let them not
spill me otherwise just… kill me.


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  1. Beautiful

  2. Ericka Woodard

    I really enjoyed reading this. Great job.

  3. That was dark.

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