Writing Prompt!

Prompt from Olivia: “It was a dark and stormy night” is a quote that often precedes scary stories. In light of Halloween, write something with that introduction.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. It was a dark and stormy night, and tears were streaming down her face, barely noticeable as the rain drops smacked her bright red cheeks, which stung from the icy cold. She ran to leave what was behind her, ran to forget what she had left behind. Images of red flashed through her mind, lingering, forcing her to relive those last few moments.
    Surely he wasn’t dead? That was impossible. Yet, it was as if the gods themselves were protesting the terrible act. Lightning flashed, blinding her for a moment, but as the bright light continued to flash for the next few seconds, she looked around the dark forest. Shadows everywhere, and any one of them could be hiding a dark secret…
    She kept running. She had to, no matter what. It was his last gift to her. His death might help her escape, might let her live. She could forget what had happened that terrible night, meet someone new, get a job, buy a house, get married, all the things she ever wanted to do…
    …with him. How could she abandon him like this. The pain in his eyes haunted her, and it was all she could do not to let out a howl of pain. She couldn’t show weakness yet. No feelings, or that…thing, that thing with the blood-stained teeth and matted fur, it would find her, and it would kill her as well, and then his sacrifice would be for nothing.
    She tripped. It was as if some invisible hand had grabbed her shoe and sent her flying for the mud. She screamed, and instinctively grabbed her ankle. Broken. Couldn’t stop, no, not yet, must keep going. Must go on for him.
    She pushed herself helped, whimpering, until she was standing again. The rain let loose even more than before, the wind pushing back. She let out a yell of agony as she forced herself to take a step forward. Must go on. Can’t stop.
    Then she looked up and saw those terrible yellow eyes. All was lost. She had failed him
    And in a moment, there was darkness.

  2. It was a dark and stormy night. The rain was relentless, blinding me, suffocating me. I couldn’t smell her anymore; the water washed away her scent, and the blood of the boy was still clogging my nose. The thunder and heavy *pitter patter* of the pellets drowned out her clumsy escape through the woods. No matter. I would find her despite the obstacles.
    A scream, nearby, caused me to perk up my ears. Yes, I have you now, little bird. Never again will you fly free. A cage would suit you well.
    My paws slammed against the mud, and my enthusiasm caused me to lose traction, and I nearly slipped. I picked myself up again and ran in the direction of the screams. Lightning flashed, and for an instant I saw her bright blue sweater, dulled by the mud everywhere. She didn’t see me as she stared down at the ground, eyes wide open with pain and terror. She must have realized her mistake. She held her ankle as she tried to stand up, to run, and her whimpers, though faint, did not escape me. I smiled inwardly, pulling my teeth back to reveal my canines.
    She was standing now, taking a step forward, yelling in pain. Something about the pitiful sight made me guilty. Lightning flashed once more, and I knew I had to act before she saw me. Fear can make one forget their pain.
    In no time at all I was upon her. She cowered back, crying out loud, trying to get away. Something human, something that was stolen from me when the night started, tugged at my heart, begging me to let her go, let her leave this place. But logic won over compassion. If she left, she would tell someone, and even if she didn’t they would notice the blood on her and her two missing companions. She had to die. It would be better if they thought we all died in the storm.
    I launched myself forward, snapping my jaws, and it was over.

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