Back Again by Rosalind

The summer was long, and although I can’t say I mind a decent break, I sure am happy to be back to what I love. Every other Thursday was beginning to get lonely, and I was ready to return to my writing realm of super scribblers and creative cowriters. It’s an awfully surreal feeling seeing that this is my final year of this wonderful club that has become a young authors home, but it is even more overwhelming that this will be my final year in high school as it is. I’ve made the stern promise to myself not to allow late nights and river’s of assignments to douse the flames that make my spirit so passionate for the written word. I’ve taken an oath many times that my goals to be a published author will not dim, even if they do have to take a backseat for a month or two to make room for other things!

One of the most important things I hold true would be the first passion, and I think we all should commit to holding onto the first passion. When all new interests come and grow, holding on to the spark of what was first to come in the most active and colorful parts of minds is what truly promises us a prosperous, joyful, and exciting life. Never letting go of what gives us a familiar pep in our step is one of the crucial pieces of our humanity, spirituality, and health.

I’ve been forced to recollect on what’s truly important to me as the time to be more certain of my life for the long-run has approached closer and closer, and my creativity comes to the top of my list. I will always be a writer, even when I’m a zoologist, a traveler, or an activist, even if it comes down to me being a writer about being all those other things!

Out of the many things this club has taught me, it’s that my writer-hood is a special part of who I am, and to let that go would be leaving behind a piece of my heart. So for this last year, I’m keeping so much in mind, and writing (like always) is certainly in the front row!


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