Writing Prompt!

From Natalie: Your character is describing their life 20 years ago, what do they envision?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Twenty years ago, all that I remember was rain.
    But it wasn’t the rain that would cloud one’s mind into madness. It was the rain where you would slip into boots and a large heavy coat, and run outside with so much excitement that you would forget to close the door behind you. I remember hopping from puddle to puddle as I felt the watery mess slush around my boots. I never minded the fact that the water dripping from my long blonde hair would get into my eyes, and I never stopped to realize that they were burning like the fire inside me when I noticed that there were small drops forming on the car window. I would pretend to not hear my mother calling my name to come inside, and sometimes I would take a moment to watch the clouds as they worked their stunning magic, clapping their hands with rage that followed by their breath taking roar just a few seconds after.
    And the grass, oh the grass. It was always so green and full of life when it rained, and it was almost as if the rain was singing, and the grass was harmonizing. The wind being sopranos and the pounding of the ground being bass.
    But the best part was that I was always smiling, forgetting about the weaknesses that life would throw at me and the fear that the next pitch would hit me right between the eyes. I knew that there was always one great thing about it and it was the gift of rain.
    Now when I hear about rain, I make sure that I have an umbrella grasped in my hand. When it falls, I rush home with it open. When I approach a puddle, I step around it. When I hear the clouds roar, I turn up the TV volume to flush it out. Now, rain brings about emptiness, and I make sure to close the door behind me.

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