Writing Prompt!

From Grace: Begin your piece with, “In the darkness I found comfort.”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. In the darkness I found comfort.
    But perhaps that’s what everyone wants me to think. If I give in, I win. But maybe I don’t want that.
    I miss those times when nothing mattered. When a thought was just a thought, when a feeling was just a feeling, when words were just words. Where I didn’t even bother to notice the judgmental glances, and standards were low.
    I think about those times every now and I think: “What happened?”
    Now i’m always thinking. Too much.
    I look forward to a text message that I will never receive, I imagine things that will never happen, and I put my everything into something that’s not even real.
    What do I do with that?
    The answer is simple, I wait.
    I wait for that person that will lead me forth. That person that can see past my anger and sadness. That person who will bring me the comfort that darkness could never provide.

  2. In darkness I found comfort.

    As I slipped onto my chair: A breath of relief, a sigh of contentment.

    All was calm.

    But it was the calm before the storm.

    I set to work immediately.

    My eyes, restless and sharp with determination.

    My fingers, nimble and quick with experience.

    My face, illuminated by the screen.

    I smiled serenely. I was getting that super rare event armor tonight.

    Suddenly, light swarmed my vision! I hissed in agony and blinked rapidly. Swiveling around, I roared!

    “Mom, I told you not to COME INTO MY ROOM!!”

    • That was amazing haha, my family is full of gamers (myself included) so we have all had that experience at least once in our lives.

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