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“CIRI! Get down from there!” Geralt sighed, he knew Ciri could be a handful but this, this was a bit much. Vesemir had been spending the afternoon tutoring her on the importance of runes and potions, but as soon as he had turned his back to grab a rune, she had bolted for the door, headed straight for Kaer Morhen’s courtyard.
She was a tiny girl, but don’t let her size fool you, she was a quick as a fox and had managed to climb one of the bigger trees in the courtyard before he had the time to reach her.
She was sitting on a branch, her legs swinging lazily as she looked down at him and smiled. He wanted to smile back but he couldn’t. No, that would be giving in, and he can’t let her win. She needs to learn that she can’t just do anything she wants without consequences if she is to become a Witcher someday.
“If you want to catch me you’ll have to come up here!” The afternoon’s Sun was quickly fading into the evening’s shades of purples and reds.
She didn’t show any signs of budging from her current location. suddenly, he had an idea, he could use this to his advantage.
“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to wait for you to come down then, won’t I? We can do this all day.” He then promptly sat at the base of the tree. Attempting to turn her unruliness into a lesson on patience.
He blinked and the hours seemed to fly by. The courtyard was bathed in moonlight and stars littered the sky, as bright as ever. He looked up into the tree’s branches and to his surprise, Ciri had fallen asleep. He could practically hear Yennefer scolding him and chuckled.
“She may be training to become a Witcher, but for now she is just a child, and don’t you dare bring up the excuse that ‘It’s how you were trained’. She is a child Geralt, and your daughter at that.”
He climbed up to retrieve her and carefully descended once he had her securely in his arms. Tomorrow she would owe him 20 rounds on the obstacle track for missing a day’s worth of training.
He opened the door to her room and gently placed her on her bed, as he pulled the covers over her he smiled, she would make a fine Witcher someday, despite her excessive amount of energy. And as he turned to make his way towards his room he could’ve sworn he had smelled the scent of lilac and gooseberries.


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  1. P.S forgot to put the disclaimer that this is fanfiction, sorry…

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