Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: Your character is ordering a pizza, but not just any pizza. Create a wild order to show off your characters unique tastes!

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Pizza Nut employee: You are now calling Pizza Nut, what can I get you?
    Jack: Um hi, can I get a large cheese pizza with tomatoes and ham?
    Employee: uh sure, anything else?
    Jack: Can I also get a side of salmon? I can only have 1 salmon on each slice or I’ll get really sick.
    Employee: …. I’ll be… right on it…
    Jack: Good can I also get shaved boots?
    Employee: wait, what?!
    Jack: You know! Shaved boots, shaved rubber? It adds to the pizza’s texture!
    Employee: Uh sir? We don’t serve boots here,,,
    Jack: Last thing I promise, but, can I get an entire car?
    Employee: What the- why… why do you want a car with your pizza?!
    And how-why would you…
    Jack: The oil and metal really adds to the flavor! 
    Employee: You’re kidding right? This is a prank? Did Danny and Josh put you up to this!?
    Jack: No wait! I swear this isn’t a prank! I can prove i-
    Employee: *Hangs up* I don’t get paid enough for this…

  2. “Hello, Generic Pizza Restaurant, Jimmy speaking. What can I get you?”
    “Uh, yeah, can I get two large pizzas, cheese and pepperoni?”
    “Sure thing. Will that be all?”
    “Uh, one moment.” Our hero pulls away from the phone and shouts across the house. The employee on the other side of the phone has to pull the receiver away from his ear. “Hey! John! You want anything?”
    In the distance, our hero’s sidekick can be heard yelling. “Anchovies and ketchup! Oh, and a little sauce container with warm soda in it, with banana bread! Do you think they have any coconut shrimp? I could really go for some coconut shrimp on my pizza.”
    “Uh, did you get that?” Our hero puts the phone back to his face.
    The employee is currently trying to keep down his lunch when he hears the customer on the other end talk to him. He scrambles to put the receiver back to his ear. “Uh, could you repeat that again?”
    “On the cheese pizza, we want some coconut shrimp, and on the pepperoni, we want anchovies and ketchup. We would like some banana bread sticks, and warm soda in one of those little sauce cup thingies, whatever you call them. You got that?”
    The employee rushes to write everything down. “Yes sir, we will be there in about 30-40 minutes. Thank you for choosing Gener-” Our hero hung up suddenly, leaving the employee to put down the receiver gently and hand the order to the cook before fainting.

  3. Walking to Slices, my favorite pizza place, I contemplated the dare my best friend gave me. Word from the now-wise: when playing Truth or Dare, pick “truth” or else you’ll end up walking 3 miles to the nearest pizza joint and ordering the most insane, ornate pizza you’ve ever seen. Opening the door the Slices, air conditioning hit me and it made me feel a bit less nervous about my crazy pizza order.
    “Welcome to Slices! What can I get you today?” A chipper college-aged guy asked, tipping his hat toward me comically. I smiled sympathetically, and took the crumpled up piece of paper out of my pocket.
    “Do you all make orders of 30?” I ask, unraveling my paper.
    “Sure,” the guy replied. “What’ll you have?”
    “Great! Can I, uh, get 30 pizzas with 1/8 of pepperoni, 1/8 artichokes, 1/8 green peppers, 1/8 cinnamon, 1/8 anchovies, 1/8 chocolate, 1/8 garlic and 1/8 pineapple?” I asked, reciting everything off of the list.The guy raised his eyebrow but nonetheless typed in my order. I took out all the money in my wallet, thanked him, then headed to the door.
    “Oh wait,” I said as I was halfway out the door, “No sauce or cheese, either.”

  4. “Welcome! What would you like to order?”
    Danny stared blankly at the topping choices. “Yeah I would like a cheese pizza with green peppers BUT NOT RED PEPPERS don’t get that confused, and is it possible you could make the cheese organic? I would also like you to keep anything that has remotely any meaty substance as far away as possible from my order, perhaps I can allow between 15 to 20 feet but NOT within 15 that’s too close.”
    The worker raised his eyebrow. “Will…that be all?”
    Danny pondered his head for anything that he could have been missing. “Oh yes, I would also need a side of honey mustard but with about 50% less sugar, okay? I don’t want a heart attack if you know what i’m saying.”
    The worker put his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes in distress. “Would you like me to contact the nearest psychiatrist?
    “Yes, that too.”

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