“Cafe characters” by Cristi M

The only table that wasn’t surrounded by groups of people was cluttered with an abundance of junk. Well, not necessarily junk, but who really needs 8 different tubes of lipstick? And who brings tubes of lipsticks to grab a coffee? Three other chairs were at the table, yet nobody sat in them. The coffee shop was full of people who resembled a mix between hippies, geeks, and diehard musicians. Based on the contents on the table, the person who was sitting at this table was in the third category. The papers strewn across the table were pieces of music-both handwritten and printed out. Words on the sheet music were written one after the other in cursive and print handwriting-something rather strange to see. The laptop, which looked like it had been dropped on multiple occasions, judging from the cracked glass at the top right corner of it, was wide open, displaying a webpage. “What to Wear to an Audition” was written across the screen. Headphones were plugged into the laptop, the cord dangling off of the table, challenging the pink washi tape holding the cord together to break. Some variant of classical music was streaming from the headphones, loud enough to hear from 3 feet away. When one classical song ended, another began, but the songs were unrecognizable. At the head of the circular table, two coffee cups sat. One seemed to be hot coffee, the other an iced macchiato, as if the person tried one and didn’t like it, so she got another. Two people couldn’t sit at this table even if they tried, so the idea that the coffees belonged to more than one person was instantly ruled out. Car keys sat on keyboard of the laptop, daring someone to steal them. Two delicate silver keychains hung from the keyrings: a small violin, and a treble clef. Three minutes later, if you took a look at that specific table, it was empty, cleared of anything that could have suggested someone was ever sitting there at all.


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  1. Cristi, this is so good! I love how you described the character by detailing what they own. I really enjoyed reading this!

  2. This is really amazing. It really was detailed to perfection. I wish I could write like this!

  3. Shafaq H (Bella)

    This is so good! It inspires me to write better!

  4. This is AMAZING! So much detail! Keep up the great work 🙂

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