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Begin your first scene with a betrayal, committed either by the protagonist or a supporting character.

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  1. “I am sorry, Owen, I really am!” I pleaded for him to listen to me. Shock and hurt were written on his face as clearly as if they were in marker and fresh tears blurred my vision at the sight of it. Why did I have to do it? Why wasn’t there another way?
    I could feel the tear lines on my face, outlined in dirt and blood, making the cut along my jaw sting. I turned my face away from him. He was trying to search my eyes, trying to get confirmation that I was lying, or even joking, but he wasn’t finding anything in the eyes of the stranger standing before him now. How could he even look at me?
    “Isabella…” His voice was barely a whisper, full of denial and pain.
    My legs failed me. I collapsed on the dirty ground with my head in my hands, sobbing without restraint loudly into my sinful hands. “Forgive me, Owen, forgive me,” I choked out, not daring to look up into his eyes. He didn’t hate me then, but he would, and when he does, I would no longer be safe.
    It seemed I cried for years, but when I finally lifted my head from my damp hands, it was morning, only a few hours later. Birds were singing, oblivious to my suffering, and the sun was shining relentlessly on the horizon, far too cheerful for what had happened. I wiped my cheeks, smearing the dirt rather than cleaning my skin of it, and looked around.
    Owen was gone.

  2. The silence between us grew painful, yet forgiveness was not an option.
    “I’m sorry, Danny.”
    Every part of me dragged me away from replying to his apology because it didn’t matter. What was done, was done. Nothing was going to bring her back.
    My eyes stung, yet there were no tears. It took everything in my being to turn around and face Thomas. His hair was a mess, and blood trickled from his right temple. His eyes were bloodshot and his already tear-stained cheeks were visited by fresh ones. Hope was dwindling.
    “She’s gone,” I said finally.
    “I did everything that I could,” Thomas said, his voice shaking. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”
    “It doesn’t matter,” I said quickly. “You promised me. You promised me that you would make sure she didn’t get hurt. You promised me that NOBODY would get hurt. Yet here you are…”
    My voice drifted from sanity, and everything suddenly became so real. This was no game. People were actually dead. The tear traveling down my face burned. Things were now personal.

  3. Some great starts here!! Keep it up!! 🙂

  4. “ELIZA!” He ran through the woods trying desperately to keep her in his line of sight.
    “ELIZA! “ She turned a corner and he lost sight of her, all of the worst case scenarios began to play in his mind as he turned the corner and to his shock saw…
    Eric! With… Eliza? He rushed towards them and attempted to grab Eliza away from the man but he was too late, just as he was about to pull her away from Eric, he wrapped a silver chain around her arm and she cried out in pain. He tried to remove the chain but was slammed into a nearby tree. Through the pain he tried to get up, to run to Eliza and remove her from this nightmare but Eric was prepared. He threw a silver knife into his leg and he collapsed.
    “You… you son-of-a- ARGH!” another knife, through the pain he snarled at the man in front of him.
    “She.. we- trusted you!” His cries were growing more and more incoherent until finally, he snapped.
    “GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER!” Eric simply smiled and tugged at the chain, causing her to cry out. He contorted his face into a mockingly sad face.
    “Oh the poor father, begging for his daughter back! Such a sad state of affairs wouldn’t you agree?”
    “Take me instead! Just don’t hurt her! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU!”
    Eric’s face shifted into a sickening grin, “But of course.” And with that, he released his hold on her. Eliza ran towards him and fell to her knees when she saw the severity of his wounds.
    “Oh papa..!” She wept into his shirt and his heart shattered at the sight.
    “Hey, everything’s going to be alright baby girl. It’s oka- “BANG!
    Eliza cried out and when he looked down to his horror, she stared at him with glassy eyes.. He took her into his arms and cradled her head to his chest as she whimpered.
    He tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear as he spoke to her, “Shhh, I know it hurts, I know it…it..” His body began to wrack with sobs as he held on to his daughter. And as he cradled her in his arms her cries began to quiet until she finally laid there in his arms, unmoving.
    “Please, God.. don’t do this to me don’t..don’t… NO!”

    (this is probably the most depressing thing I have ever written…)

  5. Rosalind Rohrbaugh

    Great start everyone! Wonderful excerpts so far!

    My current word count: 2003
    Day 1 off to a good start!

  6. Word count: 1006
    Gahh I was hoping to get to at least 1,700 today but had tech difficulties. 😩 The struggle is real.
    Good luck, CWC NaNoers! WE GOT THIS.

  7. Sorry for my late reply but my word count is 3,001 words for day 1
    -Charissa 🙂

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