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Your protagonist gets a disturbing call from someone they don’t know. What is said to your character?

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  1. The letter was still on my dining room table. I sat in my rocking chair, holding a hot mug of coffee, glaring at the offending paper. The black envelope smelled faintly like perfume, but I was not to be fooled. Whatever that held would surely ruin everything.

    Throw it away, the little voice in my head was trying to tell me. Throw it away, and don’t tell Owen about it. He doesn’t need to know. It will only worry him, and then he will be distracted at the mill, and his hand might slip and then…

    “Stop!” I shouted out to nobody. The voice didn’t need to convince me. But…a part of me hated it for even considering lying to Owen. Besides, it might be nothing, right?

    I got up slowly. What if it had poison? The thought caused a shiver down my spine. I walked slowly towards it anyway. It wasn’t like I had a choice. I would have to open it eventually.

    Step by step, I made my way to the table. The sickly sweet scent of flowers was much stronger than I had originally thought, causing me to gag. I turned away for a moment, composing myself. I turned back to the envelope. Black as death. I reached out my hand, touching it, picking it up gingerly, like it might fall apart at any moment, or bit me. Carefully I tore the paper, not bothering to grab my letter knife. The paper inside was red, like blood. I slowly pulled out the cards inside and read the familiar handwriting with growing fear and despair.

    “Miss me, Isabella? I saw your new lover. Quite a charmer, isn’t he? I doubt you told him about me. About us.”

    “Do you really love this man? I see the way you look at him, but surely you don’t care for him the way you cared about me. Or has something changed? Have you forgotten me?”

    “It would be a shame if anything happened to this…Owen.”

    Three cards. Each message made my heart pound harder, so loud that he would be able to hear it, hear the fear that he can instill in me. I could almost see him laughing, that cruel laugh that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I hadn’t heard from the man in years, yet he could still strike such terror in my poor, weak heart.

    Owen can’t know about him, the voice said again, and I agreed. With new determination, I turned on my heel towards the fireplace and saw him standing in the doorway.

  2. Rosalind Rohrbaugh

    Day 2!
    Current Word Count: 4750

  3. Nice! Day 2 word count: 4,040 (little behind you LOL!)

  4. Day 2 word count: 414 (was having lots of trouble yesterday so planning on dedicating a whole weekend to eating, sleeping, and writing lol)

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