Need some inspiration? Use this prompt to help propel your story!

Give your protagonist an irrational fear.

Post your word count to comments!


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  1. Years and years ago, when I was young and naïve, I met a man named Jack. He wooed me, made me think he loved me, and being stupid, I fell for it. I would follow him at the heel like a lost puppy, doing whatever he asked of me without thinking twice about it.

    One cannot hide your nature forever, however, and with time, I learned more about Jack than I would have liked. I grew to fear him, and as soon as he knew this, he stopped acting. When he was frustrated, he would hit me, yell at me, threaten me. I couldn’t leave, but I didn’t know why. Surely it was because he would find me? Yes, yes that must have been it. He would find me and hurt me more. There was no escape.

    When he wasn’t at home, I was left to wander the big, empty house, which smelled of mildew and death. When he was home, I tried to avoid him, which should have been easy in that massive house, but somehow he always found me, no matter where I was. When he did find me, he would trap me inside the Dark Room. It was a small closet in the very back of the house, hidden almost entirely from view. There was no light inside the Dark Room, and often you could hear the scurrying feet of rats just inches from you. You never knew how long you were trapped in the Dark Room, though I believe the longest I was locked in was two and a half days.

    When I escaped that nightmare, I found Owen, and even today, I couldn’t be in a dark room with sobbing hysterically. Every night he has to guide me to bed and watch carefully as the candle flickers near my face as I try to fall asleep.

    • Great job Brianna! Really dramatic (in a good way)! Although her fear sounds more like the effects of PTSD rather than an irrational fear (most common irrational fears/phobias are spiders, clowns, and heights) But some studies have shown that sometimes pre-existing fears can be heightened after a life threatening/traumatic event. Really made me want to keep reading though! (Please correct me if any of my information as wrong though, I am a middle school student, not a doctor haha). Great stories so far!

  2. People think I’m not afraid of anything. But something happened once. It was just once.
    It was late. How late? I’m not quite sure. All I know is that when you looked up that the sky, It seemed almost as if the whole world was trapped in a black box.
    I was ten, and I went too far. I don’t even remember how I ended up in the water. I was drowning. With each passing wave I was pushed down again, and I was certain that I was a goner. I forgot how to properly function, and I envisioned the universe falling apart in my head as I heard the sounds of distant screams and rushing water. The waves above seemed to get louder, and I thought my eardrums were bleeding. Finally, I opened my eyes, and I saw nothing. Nothing but a spot of green light in the distance. Just that simple green light. I thought that it was the gates of heaven drawing near, but it spoke, almost in a whisper.
    “Daniel, it’s okay.”
    There was something about it, yet I couldn’t think or breathe. I just wanted to survive.
    I felt arms wrap around me, and the pressure in my head slowly faded. My head reached the surface, and my eyes met with the stranger who had lifted me from the darkness below.
    “Hey kid! Can you hear me? KID!”
    His voice was blocked by the sounds of water pounding in my skull, and all I could do was nod.
    I refused to drink water for about three days after the incident. My family thinks I’m over it now, yet I can’t even dip a finger into any body of water without hearing those words.
    “Daniel, it’s okay. You’re gonna be fine.”
    Camilla doesn’t even know about what happened. I guess there are just some things that should be left unsaid.

  3. Rosalind Rohrbaugh

    Day 3 Current Word Count: 8000

  4. Rosalind you’re doing so well D:
    Day 3 final word count: 6,016


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