Happiness by Cristi


The dictionary definition:

the quality or state of being happy.
good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

But what is happiness really? True, genuine, plain, untouched happiness, I mean. Is it a feeling? A facial expression? The sound of a person laughing? Can you see happiness? Is it something you do? Is it something you say? Can it be a person? Or maybe a place? A thing, perhaps? Can you describe someone as “happiness?” I think that sometimes, you can. Is it a big moment in a life, or one of the smallest parts of one’s existence? Is it a second, a minute, a day, a year? Is it a time period? Here’s what I think happiness is.

Happiness is when someone throws something to you and you catch it. It’s the moment when you hear the first note of your favorite song on the radio. It’s when the flower you planted months ago finally blooms. It’s when you get something in the mail. It’s when you double over with laugher in the dining room with your friends and it’s 1 AM. It’s meeting the person that makes you want to live forever. It’s making a green light for the first time in 4 lights. It’s two years from now. It’s a month away. It’s now.


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  1. Wow. I really, really like this.

  2. Thanks for posting! This is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written so far. 🙂

  3. Christi this is really good! I love how you interpreted and analyzed what happiness truly is.

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