Busy by Alexia

Busy, busy, busy, no time for you,
I don’t want it to be this way, but it has to.
So much to do in so little time,
I barely have time to rhyme.
I guess everything else seems so important.
I guess I didn’t realize you being in torment.
Why didn’t I see before you started to hate?
Am I really too late?
You stare at me like I am a bug,
Something to be hidden under the rug.
I have lost you I fear,
Someone I held so dear,
The things you say,
The looks that shouts get away,
Where you stay,
The doors that keep me at bay,
These were all built by my business.
These were all built by my incompetence.
My lack of value for what I have,
Up until the moment it’s had.
I miss you, but I’ve lost you.
What can I do?
How can I save you?
Could I ask you to love me again?
Will things go back to how they’ve been?
I want you to look at me with compassion in your eyes, I want to rebuild our former ties.
When I asked you turned me down.
I am left with nothing but a frown.
I am left with a broken heart,
and our worlds are officially apart.
You’ve left me to myself,
and I’ve put myself on a shelf.


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  1. I like this a lot, it’s good!

  2. Alexia, I love this! When reading it, I felt rushed-busy, busy, busy-and I think that that is so cool that you were able to convey the business message through the actual reading of the poem. Nice job!!

  3. This is so good! I think we all get caught up in things that seem like they’re more important, and then we forget about the people who have always been there waiting. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing, Alexia.

  4. Thank you guys!

  5. This is amazing. That is so inspirational how you wrote with such fluidity. I wish to acomplish that. This is a beautiful poem.

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