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An unexpected romance begins to brew between two supporting characters

Post your word count to comments!


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  1. Rosalind Rohrbaugh

    Didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday, but today was big for writing after I got home from work!
    My novel is FINISHED!!!!
    Rough Draft Word Count: 61898
    Rough Draft Page Count: 115
    11898 words over my 50k goal!
    Really enjoyed NaNo like crazy! Now, I hope to begin editing tomorrow once I print out my rough copy. In a perfect word, I will finish editing by December 1st and have a *close to* final draft!
    Hope everyone is doing a great job and enjoying themselves! ❤

  2. Congratulations Rosalind! Thanks so amazing that’s a huge word count!

  3. Wow that’s great! I bet your novel is amazing

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