Good vs Bad Places by Charissa

Have you ever passed by a place you used to visit when you were young and a pretty nostalgic feeling started to resonate in your chest? The feeling blew you back in time a bit, and helped spark that good memory concealed in your mind to revisit you. It was probably and most likely a joyous occasion for you. The feeling of your ancient and special happiness revisiting you again.

Well what if something bad happened to you? Would the nostalgic feeling be the same? I highly doubt it would. If I visited a place that held a bad memory I would feel suffocated by air tainted with unhappiness and regret. I wouldn’t have a happy and elated feeling in my chest. I would feel empty and alone.

Something I realized is in this society. We all have our good places reminding us of the joy and happiness life can bring you, but we also have our bad places that are set as a reminder of how the world can be messed up sometimes. Some people have the latter more than the other and some people are the opposite. They have more good memories than bad ones.

Me, personally. I have equally both good and bad memories, and I like them the same. Each one is apart of me and can never be taken or erased from my existence. Bad memories I might want to be erased but that can never happen, or it could with the ever advancing field of science.

Anyways, good and bad; memories make us stronger because they our experience living in this great big world. We should treasure each one with care because we were given each one especially. Something you should remember next time you feel happy or even sad about something that happened to you is: Memories are like presents given to you by this world. You should treat them with care and never lose them, even if they are something you didn’t want.


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  1. Nostalgia, good or bad, can be used to a writer’s advantage. For NaNoWriMo, you can use nostalgia to push the story forward, giving any character more humanity. Tough guys that go soft when they pass a bakery or geeky characters who relax and begin to chatter with strangers when they visit the park are interesting, and it really gives you something to write about.

  2. Charissa, I love how you used the expression, “the feeling blew you back in time a bit…” I could practically feel that feeling when nostalgia hits you, “blowing me back in time a bit.” That expression really resonated with me! 🙂

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