Not So Boring Anymore by Caia

“Hey, Val!”
Valerie stopped walking and turned around to see Charles walking towards her.
“Hey Charmander, what brings you around her so late in the day.” Valerie and Charles had very different schedules. Valerie with mostly afternoon classes and Charles with mostly morning classes. It was lucky they lived together, or else they’d never see each other. College has a way of doing that to people.
“Did you hear about the new guys,” Charles said as he caught up and they started walking together.
“Yeah I heard the rumors. But that’s all they are: rumors.” Val gives Charles her signature I’m-so-done-with-you look. Charles stepped in front of her to stop her from walking.
“No. I saw them.” He had the biggest smile on his face. “They’re moving into our apartment building.”
“Char.” Val rolls her eyes. “I’m not falling for this again. I’m not a freshman anymore.”
“Look, you’ll always be a freshie in my heart, but I’m not kidding this time.” Charles had the most honest look Val had ever seen on his face. She patted him on the shoulder and walked around him.
“I’ll believe it when I see it.” She called behind her.
Valerie ate her words later.
There they were. The first new residents in Brooke Ridge for 10 years. In all honesty, their town was normal. They had a college, a high school/middle school, and a grade school. The circus came every year with the fair and everyone had a happy apple pie life. Valerie craved a big city and adventure though.
She gave one last look to the three, and quietly went to her apartment.

She bumped into one of them a few days later and sent his coffee sailing onto a nearby bush and Val’s phone to the ground. Val quickly bent down to retrieve her phone.
“I’m so sorry!” Val heard him shout and she stole a look at him as she got back up. His eyes made her freeze. They were almost golden.
When Val collected herself, she spoke, “It’s alright. It happens to the best of us.”
“Seriously, my coffee didn’t get on you, did it?” He still looked and sounded concerned. Val laughed.
“Seriously, I’m fine.” He relaxed at that. “What’s your name?”
“Michael,” Val tested the name, “I’ll see you around.”
With another smile, Val rushed away. She felt those eyes on her the whole time.

The three guys invited them to a party. Party being them going to Michael’s and his friend’s apartment to play Mario party and eat junk food.
It still sounded like a party to Val.
“Charles, they invited you, why do I have to go?” Val complained from her half-on, half-off position on the couch.
“Valerie,” Charles mimicked her tone which earned him a glare, “they invited both of us. Besides they’re the spitting image of us, Val. It’ll be fun.”
Val kept her position for a moment longer before getting up and grabbing the shirt he had thrown at her earlier. She grumbled away and Charles laughed.
The night was admitting fun. Michael, Jack, and Sam were awesome hilarious. Michael and Sam were twins and jack was their best friend.
The five of them all got along great; screaming at the nonsense that was the extra stars at the end of the game and seeing who could chug a pint of soda without burping. The night was great
Now, where it all went downhill was the next morning.
Val opened her eyes to see pink. The pink being a post-it note. She tugged it off her forehead. It read:
Early class. Keys are next to your phone. Don’t die.
Val snorted and went to get up only to realize she couldn’t. Her eyes brows furrowed in confusion and she looked to the end of the couch to see Michael half-laying on her legs, restricting her from movement. She froze when she caught sight of the not so normal dog ears on his head.
She looked around to see Jack and Sam still asleep on the floor. She looked back to Michael.
‘Was this some kind of bet? Are they pranking him? Are they pranking me?’ Val thought.
She hesitantly reached out and grabbed one. She pulled to see if it was one of those cheap headbands.
It wasn’t.
Millions upon millions of possibilities ran through her head. She was so into her own thoughts she didn’t see Michael wake up and look at her.
“Valerie? You okay?” His voice was rough from sleep and all she could do was stare with wide eyes. Michael’s face became even more concerned and one of his dog ears twitched. It was then he realized what was happening.
Michael quickly got up from the couch and pulled Val up too. She barely was able to let out a shout of protest before her mouth was covered. She was staring Michael right in those golden eyes. He pointed to Jack and Sam before bringing the finger up to his lips. Val nodded.
He led her to his room, the one at the end of the hall and shut the door.
“I don’t know of an easy way to do this.” He admitted.
“Just say anything.”
“These feels like twilight.” He muttered.
“Are you a vampire? ‘Cause that still, doesn’t explain the ears.” Jokes were how Val coped with being stressed. It pulled a genuine laugh from both of them.
“You were close. More like werewolf.” He looked right at her while saying it.
“Well, that explains it.” It was silent for a moment. “Do you go full wolf or?”
“You’re taking this well.” He squinted at her.
“I’ve had time to cope before you woke up. Answer.” She half-demanded.
“Yeah. But only on full moons.” He paused before continuing, “As we get close it get harder to manage the ears and the tail. For me at least.”
“There’s more?” Val asked incredulously. What kind of YA novel was she in?
“Yeah, Jack and Sam.” Val nodded, that made sense.
“So, would this be a bad time to ask you for tutoring?” Michael cracked a smile and so did Val.
‘is that tutoring or ‘tutoring’?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Both?” He asked hopefully. Val threw her head back and laughed.
Maybe the next year wouldn’t be all bad.


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