Unspoken Thoughts by Samantha

Tears forming in my eyes. The taste of salt touched my tongue and made me angry for crying here and now. I looked down for the fear of someone seeing me break down. I looked up made eye contact. I then looked away upset that he saw me. He never leaves my mind. I wish he knew. Hands shaking. Knees Trembling. Jokes were being told. My lips didn’t dare move. My mouth holding back the sobbing that came from my bleeding heart. The world moving around me as if I was centerpiece. Words being spoken. My mind shut off blurring my vision from the world. I gave up. I promised myself to never give up on someone. But my soul was suffering I couldn’t let it go on any longer. He told me to wait. That He would make things right. That the person clogging my thoughts and breaking my heart with disregard would come. He never said when. He never said how. He just said it would happen. He knows what’s best. He is the Lord Almighty.

Anger crossed her face. I didn’t know what to do. Concern taking over my body for her. I made eye contact with her searching for something in her eyes. She looked down anger written in her face. Something was different. Eye contact with her was rare. a smile barely came on her face ever as if she had a sadness weighing on her constantly. It’s why I couldn’t stand to look at her. A girl with so much beauty in her laugh should never be depressed. Her intimidation higher than anyone I’ve seen. The urge to speak to her was more overwhelming than anything I’ve experienced. I wanted to say something but just thought or sound of her name took my breath away. Speaking to her was too much it pushed me over the edge not knowing what she felt. I never gave up on her but myself because I let her go. She’s never leaves my mind I wish she knew.


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  1. Samantha this is so good! I almost cried from all the feels when you wrote from the boy’s perspective:)

  2. Aww:) Thank you so much!

  3. Wow, Samantha! After the first few words, I knew this would be an emotional piece; I like reading those because I enjoy seeing what metaphors, details, and descriptions others use to convey an emotional message. 🙂

  4. This is so good Samantha! I love how you included both the girl’s and the boy’s perspective! 🙂

  5. This is excellent. It accurately portrays how a lot of people in our generation have something they wish to say to people that they like, but somehow find that they can’t express their thoughts to others.

    • Exactly! I feel that when you simplify it into scared to tell the world or anybody how you feel is an issue that takes place now. But I feel the story between two people who are afraid to say how they truly feel is timeless. Glad you enjoyed it!

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