NaNoWriMo: Here Once Again by Rosalind

I begun my first NaNoWriMo project in 2012 with a pen, a notebook, and a 50k word count. It was my second year in the Creative Writing Club, the club that has made me aware of such a happening once every November, and the club that has now seen me through four (soon to be five) months of intensive novel writing and vigorous character planning. An event that started out looking impossible through the gazers of a fresh writer has now become one of the most anticipated times of year next to holidays with weeks off and egg laying season for my geckos. It has become one of the most creative moments of each year in my growing life as an artist. I am given motivation whenever NaNo comes around; it is a motivation to focus on something I can potentially fail to provide my upmost attention throughout the rest of the year. I am guilty of allowing my writing slip, if not for one reason than for the next, but when NaNo comes around my priorities shift. When NaNo comes my dedication mounts itself right on my shoulders, and each day I wake up with my thoughts already on the page. 

   I’m asked a lot of questions by those who have either never thought they could, would, or should participate in such a thing as writing a novel in 30 days. It sounds almost insane if you think about it the right way. I once had a friend tell me I was writing TOO much whenever November’s came around. Why would I want to? Well, it’s simple. NaNo excites me. I keys me into abilities I never knew I had until I’m wrapped up in my writers mind. It’s easier than one would think to access that side of ones self, and I’m not sure I can give good advice on how to find your mind during NaNo. All I can offer is a call for focus, because focus will bring you all you need. When you can focus not on the outside but the in, you’ll discover a spectrum of capability in your own art, and suddenly writing a novel in 30 days won’t sound so insane. 


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  1. Well said, Rosalind!

  2. This is my first year, so I have had an incredible amount of struggles with this, especially since I have to work mostly on school work.

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