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From Olivia: Write about a world that lives under the rule of a dynamic leader. Examples include President Snow from the Hunger Games, or the Elder from The Giver.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. I walked through the smog. I couldn’t even stick my hand out and see it through all the smoke. It was stuffy, there were buildings with black, chemical smelling smoke coming out from the top. ‘Lacy did this.’ I thought. ‘It was all Lacy’s fault.’ Lacy is the empress of this wretched world. She made all this, around me. She was the one that said we could preserve the wildlife. Instead, she killed it. Now she was the ruler, and we had to do as she said. She was gathering us up for a meeting. I could hear the other people, but I couldn’t see them. The only reason we knew where we were going was because there was a light. From the top of Lacy’s fresh, clean air tower. ‘She probably wants us to work more, and make more things for her.’ Lacy collected things. Anything that was man-made. And the more things she got, the less people she ruled. We had no where to go, and thats how Lacy stopped us. The smog. She and the smog worked together. To rule. Why didn’t we listen to our President? Because we didn’t want to. And for that, we were dying.

    • I just thought it was really cool how you gave the bad leader a name liked “Lacy” because it’s usually given to a nice, quaint, pretty character. Awesome job, Pearl!

  2. I don’t like to admit when I’m afraid, but I’m terrified.
    A place where people once ran around with with the hope of tomorrow. A place where everyone knew one another. A place where jobs were built and everyone greeted each other with friendly smiles.
    This place was crunching beneath my feet.
    It felt like I was inhaling the earth’s core into my lungs. I grew up with Jackson, who’s real name was Destiny since his parents were desperately hoping for a girl, but he always went by his middle name. Now he’s Jack, who rules this crippled place. He let it all slip from his hands, at least that’s what he claims, but everyone knows that he dropped all of us on purpose.
    A kid who wouldn’t hurt a fly, ended up overthrowing our government.
    My eyes were watering so much that I was convinced that they were tears. I didn’t feel sadness, just fear and defeat. Stuffed animals were torn to shreds on the ground like they were nothing. Broken glass managed to creep into my shoes. Small animals roamed around looking for some scraps of breakfast that families will never be able to eat with one another.
    Jack wasn’t going to stop. It all hasn’t even ended yet.
    The worst is still yet to come.

  3. Sitting up and feeling the rough threads of the thin blanket on my skin didn’t feel as despicable. Hanging my legs off the cot and feeling the ice cold concrete didn’t send as many chills up my spine. Even looking past the bars of the window didn’t fill me with devastation that all of this wasn’t a dream. The rough and filthy walls weren’t closing in, but opening. Some of the other men in my cell, all older than me, were singing these songs. No more hurt and pain, but hope and positivity flowed out of their lungs. Slipping socks over my calloused feet, I stepped to the barred window. As songs filled the air, my eyes welled with tears. For I saw The Liberator coming up the hill that I stared at longingly for almost a decade. The dynamic leader I’ve been praying for is here. Today is the day I will be free.

    • WOWOWOWOW Clare this is so gooood. Your word choice is fabulous! You should do NaNoWriMo next year.

  4. I really love this writing prompt !!!

  5. What is humanity now that there’s no bright light in the sky anymore?

    Everything in this apocalyptic disillusion is dark and dangerous. Our “roads” more like chipped gravel are covered in dark soot, which suffocate us and turn our lungs into oblivion.

    Life is not lived anymore in this breakable ruination of tyranny and violence. War is our wake up call and death is our lullaby to unrestful sleep. This is what world domination leads to. This is life now that Darius is our president. The most ruthless and cruel of our species lavished in vast drapes of power.

    “Bones!” Mikky, my older brother screams calling for me. He rolls under the branch of the tree I am rooted on in his busted and deformed wheelchair. Both his knees were busted in the Last War and he is bound in a wheelchair now.

    “Yes” I reply as I look down at my brother, a victim and product of five years being in the deadliest war of all world history. His blue eyes shine with tears and his bottom plump trembles.

    “Marius, has invited you to the nation’s annual Red Bone Masquerade. Tears fall into his mouth and drown his words as he says, “You will go.”

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