Them by Pearl

I ducked behind the couch as the gun went off. I aimed and shot back, annoyed. I heard
glass shatter and curses. I smiled to myself. I peered over the table, then ducked and rolled out,
into the hallway. I pressed my body against the wall. I heard shuffling. I peeked out, into the
room and saw them moving. I fired random shots, and someone cried out in pain. I fired again,
then dropped my gun as a searing pain spread across my arm.
“Argh!” I cried. My eyes water and I clamped my hand across my bleeding wound. I tear
a strip of fabric off my shirt and wrap it tightly around my arm. I grab the fallen gun in my right
hand and fire again. I hear a scream, and a loud thud. One down. I think to myself. I hear them
moving closer.
Don’t let them touch you. I hear him say. I won’t. I tell him. I fire a round of shots. Then,
nothing. Just the click click of an empty gun. I curse then drop it and run to find another gun. I
know it’s here. I think to myself as I rummage through the dresser. I look in the next drawer, and
the next. I hear footsteps. I don’t have much time. I run to the other dresser, and grab the gun
underneath all the clothes, just as a shadow appears in the doorway.
“Don’t move.” I growl, aiming the gun at the figure. They take a step forward. I put my
finger on the trigger. They take another one forwards. I fire. The body slumps to the ground.
“Well, looks like you aren’t afraid to kill… You’re a monster. A killing machine with no
feelings…” The voices say. I shake them out of my head. No, I’m saving people by killing you. I
am not a monster. I tell myself. The voices slip in, just like the others, who are slipping into the
room. There are more than I thought.
“Stop. Exit the room.” I muster up my most commanding voice. They hesitate for a
moment, but a single word presses them on.
“Blood.” They fill the room, blocking off my exit. They all raise their guns at me at the
same time. I drop my gun. One steps forwards and handcuffs me. I have been beat.


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  1. I didn’t want it to end!!! This is great!!!

  2. This is really good Pearl !!!

  3. This is exciting! I want to know what happens next!! 🙂

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