A Paradise Only the Earth Can Provide by Clare

She stepped onto the platform, taking her first breath of the crisp, mountain air.
As men and women rushed by her through the smoke of the locomotive, she was still.
Her eyes danced around the landscape, taking in the beauty.
Just off the platform was a river, a river that stretched for miles, never ceasing to give nourishment to all living things.
An army of rocks and boulders surrounded the blue waters, protecting the life within.
Just beyond the river stood the most elegant pine trees.
they stretched to the sky, like heaven was pulling them closer.
Orange, green and red leaves added a sense of tranquility to an already extravagant scenery.
I meadow lay like blanket in the center of the pine groves;
teeming with abundant vitality this meadow held
flowers of the sunset; creatures of the earth and sky.
From this abundant life, a mountain sprung from the earth and jumped into the clouds.
It’s peak sprinkled with white, its cliffs, dashed with luxurious green.
She wondered how a world so cruel could grow such magnificent beauty.


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  1. Clare I love the beautiful imagery you described Earth with!

  2. Great piece! I love it!

  3. Awesome details, Clare!

  4. This is amazing Clare as always. I feel like a proud parent lol.

  5. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Nice one! The Earth is definitely worth protecting.

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