Writing Prompt!

From Grace: Write about a character who can’t laugh.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Laughter? That’s funny. Well actually, it’s not funny, that’s the point.
    “How about you laugh every once and a while?”
    Well that’s what they don’t understand, I can’t. It’s not in my train of thought. Jokes just don’t process in my brain like other people.
    If you throw out a pun, yeah okay that’s nice.
    Tell a joke, good for you.
    Funny story? Happy birthday.
    “What human doesn’t know how to laugh?” They ask me.
    “What human tries so hard to make people laugh? Are you joking because you are funny or to make people think that you’re funny?” I reply.
    They never know what to say. It’s hilarious, but actually it isn’t.

  2. With all the bitterness coiled around Darius’s heart, no wonder the poor president wasn’t able to laugh. At the immature age of 21, his soul should have been light and full of airy joy but instead it was cold and dry. Darius could fake laugh, like he faked many things but he could never feel so happy and joyous that he laughed. This was one thing that Darius wanted to hide from Bones as he would meet her later today for the Red Bone Masquerade.

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