Stars by Mary-Kelly

Fear is strange
And so is change
But people ask
Are they the same?
Perhaps they are
Perhaps they’re stars
Looking normal from afar
But drawing near
Is a mistake my dear
Because it’s flames will lash and sear
And when it’s tough
And it’s had enough
It will reach a point in which it breaks
And olden times and past mistakes
Will blow about in empty space
Then it’s gone like it was never there
No pain or heavy burden to bear
Perhaps we are all stars
We need to live with all our hearts
And when that special time comes
We will erase from earth in pleasant hums
But there is one thing we and stars don’t have in common
And it’s that unlike stars we won’t be forgotten


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  1. This is beautiful! You’re incredible!

  2. This was such an amazing poem! I really enjoyed reading it. You’re very talented!

  3. Mary-Kelly this is really good!

  4. :O so good

  5. WOW-this is amazing! You are so talented!

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