College by Charissa

So many universities,
so little time.
I gotta get all these applications
in before the deadline.
All these college essays……
What do I say?
My brain is scrambled
and my focus has
floated away.

Which top university will
accept me?
Which one won’t.
Will I ever go to college?
I don’t wanna think like that;
I just don’t.

Will I go out-of-state?
Will I go far?
Checking my calendar…
For my university’s
enrollment date.

All these questions;
I don’t have time to breathe,
think, sleep, or eat.
Getting into college is
difficult and hard,
but it’s a challenge I would
like beat.


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  1. If my life were in a poem! Facing this stress next year 😳

  2. Wow! I really like the last paragraph. Awesome job, Charissa!!!!

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