“A Wintery Personality” by Cristi

Phoenix Winters was one of those people that walked around with an air of confidence that followed behind him everywhere he went. Nobody knew where his confidence or smoothness came from, but everybody was too afraid of him to attempt to find out.

He resembled the night in the way that his eyes were steely gray, his hair dark like, well, the night, pale skin the color of the screen when you open up a Word document, outfits that came in a wide variety of black. His personality mimicked the winter, as shown by his last name. He was cold, sad, and quiet. He was also incredibly rude, but I personally had never been offended by winter or its litany of offensive words, so that didn’t exactly mimic the winter.

Phoenix Winters was a ray of pitch black, but I can’t say that he wasn’t one of the most perfect human beings to be found on the plains of this earth. He walked alone. He wore a leather jacket, even when it wasn’t cold outside. Yes, he was that guy.


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  1. every YA love interest ever (Fang from Maximum Ride is a shining example haha) Great job!

    • Wow it’s been years since I read Maximum Ride! I used to steal and read the books from my older sister when I was in elementary school; now I’m about graduate from high school. Time has really past for me 🙂

      • Yeah, I used to adore the series but I got sick and tired of the whole semi love triangle/drama thing going on in later installments of the series and eventually stopped reading them, then I found Artemis Fowl haha.

    • Thanks, Kate! 😉

  2. Great job Cristi 🙂 I really like Phoenix’s personality

  3. Thanks for posting! I’m glad everyone likes it. 🙂

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