Winter’s Holiday by Rosalind

With the end of NaNoWriMo, something as young writers we find necessary to take a holiday. How sweet it is to recognize ourselves through hard work than allowing some well earned downtime. Of course it seems as though it’s such perfect timing, holiday break itself is right around the corner waiting almost as anxiously as we ourselves are. To so many there is no better time, though however through family visits, gift shopping, decorations, and decent dinners it can be difficult to escape the writer’s mindset especially since we’ve just left such a rigorous schedule of writing every day behind in the previous month.

Laying down one’s weapons after a long battle can be hard to do. You can’t believe you’ve won some days, and other’s your reminded of the action and excitement you were steeped in throughout every day. Each year I miss NaNoWriMo dearly, because to be thrust in and out of such a thing can be traumatic to a writer’s brain. However it’s important to shake yourself out of the momentum, and remember your down time has been earned.

The month that is leading up to the end of our known year is one that calls and beckons for slow days and peaceful nights, so although you may be craving the words you left on the paper November 30th, or possibly a new story you’re just dying to write, make sure to keep your passion fresh and alive with a period of relaxation away from your work to further rejuvenate your ideas.

Not to say we should step away from our writing completely; for some that may even seem impossible, but there is always a day we can dedicate to ourselves. When we return to our writing, rather than continuing something nonstop, we find ourselves with a brand new drive. So take a writer’s holiday, and enjoy the season!


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  1. I find, many times, that after a long break (sometimes even half a year, at most!) I write the best. Stepping away from something I’m working on to focus on other things can do wonders with writer’s block or other things.

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