Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: Describe your characters Midnight New Years kiss.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. As the countdown began, I grabbed Lily’s hands and gazed into her vibrant blue eyes. My heart was pounding in my chest. I could feel her heartbeat pulsing almost in unison with my own. As I leaned in close, I noticed the speck of brown near the center of her eyes. Right before the kiss, I knew from that moment that she was the girl I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Our lips touched, the scent of her coconut shampoo drifting to my nose. She wraps her arms around me and everything around us went away. Her soft lips gently rubbed against mine, the taste of her strawberry lipstick slightly going into my mouth. She places one hand on the back of my neck, causing shivers to run through my body. Cheering brings us back to reality. I look around and see everyone staring at us. My face goes red with embarrassment but Lily grabs my hand and cheers with them. I remembered what I planned to do at midnight. Right now. I got down on one knee and reached into my pocket, pulling out the small black box. She lets out a small gasp when I open it up, tears welling up in her eyes.
    “Will you marry me?”

  2. “Ten, nine, eight…”
    He drew nearer, nerves flooding to his fingers, causing them to twitch. His breathing became funny for a moment, and he could imagine the sweet sensation when the last second were to approach.
    “Seven, six, five…”
    His heart began to pound, the sound of people counting down echoed through his head. It was almost time. He continued to lean in.
    “Four, three, two..”
    It was here.
    He then popped the Hershey’s kiss in his mouth and realized that it had only been 0.01 seconds into the new year and he had already broken his resolution to eat healthier, and also that he was incredibly lonely.

  3. “It must be -110 degrees out here. It’s so cold, David.”
    Dana, shook her head as her mother’s vexatious complains echoed throughout the sliver of large oak trees and angrily floated through her ears. She angled her shaking gelid body backwards and caught view of the spirited bursts of flames slithering up into the crisp dark sky from the large bonfire in the middle of the large clearing turned into a campsite her family had fixed up after the-car-accident-stuck-in-ominous-creepy-forest-disturbance two days ago. She turned back around and continuing walking away from the camp in silence. There was a pull coiled deep in her chest nagging her to get away from the bad luck back there and just wander into the deep passageways of the unseen forest surrounding her. She had to find something out here in the oblivion that could help her. An empty abandoned gas station or something…
    After long duration’s of endless walking making her feet morph into a bag of needles, Dana finally stumbled upon something. It was a blinding pale hue graveled into a large dark tree. Illuminating vividly against it’s inky backdrop. Dana began chipping at the enigmatic object to remove it from the edged bark.
    “Finally!” Dana exhaled as she grasped the object in her shivering hands. Perplexed, at the object’s fathomed identity she opened the piece of crumpled paper and read it’s contents.
    “Your misfortune may seem unlucky to you, but it’s your destiny. And due to your situation apparently it has a keen sense of humor. Anyways, prevalently you are ordinary like the crass dirt beneath your feet, but this new year commodities in your life will begin to stir and shake. You will begin to wonder who you are. That is exactly when I will make my indiscernible presence known to you. Farewell for now, I wish you the best.”
    Frustration clouds her mind as she replays the words in her mind and pads her thumb over a dark crimson stain on the bottom of the note shaped into a kiss with the words “Make no excuse. This is the hallmark of your new life. Good luck, Dana”

  4. It’s New Years Eve and the count down to a new life has started. This would be Dee’s first year away from his father’s (Poseidon’s) world and he was spending it wth me! I know he is nervous. He is looking at me with his swirling chocolate eyes and the hope of a new life shines through. I lean into his lean, tall figure and feel the warmth of his mer-man body seeping out from underneath the fuzzy winter coat he is now wearing. I have to look up to see his face, and I find him looking at me with a much different expression than the one of both sadness and hope I had seen seconds before. The countdown is booming. 3! The misfit look in his eyes is somewhat terrifying. His smile is broad and gleaming. 2! He starts to lean in. I can feel his hands gentling cradling my body closer to him. 1! His soft lips touch mine for only a lingering second before he pulls away. Then he brings the side of his face to mine and whispers into my ear, “I’m going to miss you.”

  5. I run down the lifeless streets that were dimly lit by tall lamp posts, two men with Giraffe heads chasing me.
    “Anna, come play with us,” one calls out. Laughter echoes through the night. I shiver with fear and run faster. “We just want to play a game! How about hide and seek?” I turn around the corner, my feet sliding on the damp ground from the sharp turn. I quickly run up to an abandoned hotel and go through the window, broken glass cutting into my palms. They run past without stopping and I let out the breath I had been holding in. Then I turn around and run right into another Giraffe head. He grabs me by the arm and throws me to the ground. My head bangs against the ground and my vision darkens. I see a shadow behind the Giraffe head and then my head drops. I wake up and groan as I sit up. “My head,” I whimper. Suddenly a hand grabs my shoulder and forces me down. “Don’t move you will make it worse,” a strange voice grunted. I looked up and saw a sexy man with lovely blue eyes. My eyes move lower and I see his hands. They were panda hands. I gasp and he says, “It’s midnight.” With that he presses his lips to mine and transforms into a full panda. His paw rises and he strikes me. The last thing I see is his paw, panda paw.

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