Writing Prompt!

From Olivia: Your antagonist made five New Year’s Resolutions. What were they? Did they keep them?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. (These writing prompts are just so fun lol)

    I live to make fun of New Years resolutions, so much that I would consider it even as a hobby of mine, but anyone who’s ever known me knows that I don’t prefer to be so called…predictable.
    I can hear it already. “Peter you idiot, for a bad guy you worry far too much about your image” yada yada yada, I get it. That’s why my first resolution is to avoid any social interaction. None. Don’t even bother talking to me. Well technically I just broke it since I just told you my resolution. Well this is awkward.
    My second one is NO SLEEP. Sleep is for the weak. Sleep is a temporary coma. You dream when you sleep, and then you start getting…ideas. I get nauseous even thinking about it.
    I also will start being healthy, but I guess going into the year I wasn’t healthy in the first place so I just broke that one. Is that how that works?
    My next one is to stop making eye contact. It just makes me uncomfortable. I don’t need you glaring at me like that.
    My final resolution is WORLD DOMINATION. Or country domination. Or city domination. Which ever works I suppose.

  2. Josh had made five New Years resolutions, only following through with one. The first one was to get a job. The second one was to get a girlfriend. The third one was to find his nemesis and kill him. The fourth one was to stop eating snickers. The fifth one was to get a life. His phone rang, shaking him out of his thoughts. He placed the phone to his ear and waited.
    “So, did you keep any of your New Years resolutions?” Josh sighed and answered his annoying nemesis that was currently living in Heaven.

  3. Her fingernails were etched into her desk as time flew by. Finals were stressing her and she felt as if she merely had time to breathe. To calm her bouncing anxiety, she quickly grabbed her meticulous pen and began writing down her inky resolutions on a crisp piece of paper.

    1. Stop procrastinating
    2. Improve writing
    3. Get a job
    4. Graduate High School as valedictorian
    5. Start volunteering at an animal hospital

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