“A Lesson on Christmas”, Fanfiction by Kate

“A Lesson on Christmas”

Ori entered Breezehome to find that it had exploded, and no, that wasn’t an exaggeration. The inside of the house was literally covered in ash, with furniture randomly strewn about the small sitting room. She hesitantly stepped further into the house only to hear… was that hissing?!
She tried calling out,


By the Gods this was her own house and she was the Dragonborn why was she so nervous?!
Her breathing hitched when she saw a tail flick out from the alchemy room. Alright, desperate times called for desperate measures. She counted down as she saw the figure slowly exit the alchemy room and approach the sitting room; as soon as she could see his silhouette she inhaled.


The figure froze.


The figure tried to run.


And with that the figure was sent flying across the house, only to somersault off the wall and land on their feet.
Well… that was new…
The Khajit finally stepped into the room and she recognized the cat to be… J’zargo?! What the heck was he doing in her house, in fact, what did he DO to her house!

“J’zargo wishes you wouldn’t shout so much.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Well it’s your fault that you snuck into my house to do Gods know what! And just why exactly are you here?!”
The cat idly brushed the soot off of his robes as she attempted to scold him.

“Onmund told J’zargo of Christmas, he said that it was tradition to cook a meal for friends and family.”

….That’s kind of cute actually… Ori shook her head; there were other questions she had to ask him.

“So why didn’t you use the kitchen at the College instead of traveling to Whiterun!”

He shrugged,” J’zargo did not want to bother with long line.”
She still couldn’t believe this was happening…

“Who gave you the ‘Aye-ok’ to cook anyway? Last time you cooked you nearly set the College ablaze!”

He paused, trying to remember if anyone actually had.

“No one. J’zargo just figured he would be best at cooking since he is best at magic.”


She sighed, “That’s what you said last time.”
The cat had the nerve to purr.

“Oh, J’zargo supposes he did, didn’t he?”

“Ok, how about a deal? You help me clean up and I will teach you how to cook…properly?”
He mulled over the idea for a moment, swishing his tail as he thought.
“J’zargo accepts your offer.”

Well, it seemed Ori was now spending Christmas with the cat, maybe she could get Brelyna and Onmund to come, seeing as they don’t really have family that they can visit, or even wanted to visit.
Maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad as she thought…

“J’zargo seems to have set the pheasant on fire…. Is that good?”
She sighed.

Or not.


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