Short Story Workshop

What is a workshop?

A workshop focuses on building a strong, complete short story for each participant. Over the course of the two months, we will discuss revising each other’s work, considering aspects of the craft of writing, such as character, point of view, description, language, and style. Participants will become acquainted with the logistics of writing a short story, and will learn how to accurately express a creative vision through their words. This workshop is intended to provide an enriching and valuable learning experience for both new and experienced writers. As a group, we will analyze and provide feedback on each others’ work through the workshop format, with participation and constructive feedback contributing to our creative growth.

How will it work?

-There is room available for 10 participants.
You will submit a rough draft, and then write a final draft during the workshop.
-Meeting times: February 9, February 23, March 23 at 7-8pm EST .
To participate you must be able to make 2 out of the 3 meetings.

-Feb 9: Discuss rough drafts 1-5
-Feb 23: Discuss rough drafts 6-10
-March 23: Discuss Final Drafts
*Depending on number of applications, there may be a 4th meeting

-Each participant will read all 10 stories. Each participant will provide comments and feedback on each story in the document provided. During each meeting, each participant will receive verbal feedback from all the other participants. Stories/feedback will not be anonymous.

-Participants must have a mic.

Should I apply?

Do you have time? – The workshop is meant to be intensive. It’s ok to recognize now is not a good time to commit to a large project.

Can you make all the meetings? – We will be going until 8pm. You must be there the full hour.

Are you ok with different material? – All stories will be school appropriate, however if you often choose not to read something based on content, a workshop might not be a good fit.

Should I apply?

The stories can be on any subject, but should be school appropriate. They may be 1,000-5,000 words.

How do I apply?

Submit the application and email Mrs. Emery the story you would like to use for the workshop.

Applications and story are due January 20.

You will be notified by January 27 if you have been accepted into the workshop.


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