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From Cheyenne: Your character and their friend are at a party on New Year’s Eve waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Then, a stranger approaches your friend and mutters something in their ear. Without warning, the friend panics and says, “We have to get out of here!” What happens next?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “Why do we have to leave?” I ask. She looks around, her eyes wide with fear, and then she turns back to me.
    “No time to talk!” She grabs my arm and drags me towards the front door. Blue and red lights are visible through the window. Everyone screams and runs for the back door. Some people even break the windows and jump through. My friend is pushed to the ground by some teenager. “Help me!” she shouts. I start to go and help her but the front door opens. Police come inside the house and tackle a bunch of people.
    “See ya!” I’m out of the house in a matter of seconds. The first thing I do in the new year is leave my friend for the cops to take. That’s one resolution I didn’t keep.

  2. Jonah’s fingernails dug into my wrist as he suddenly dragged me away from the group of people who were waiting for that last minute of the year to approach.
    “Dude, are you okay?” I asked him in a concerned manner, for his eyes were wide with panic. He didn’t answer. Uneasiness settled within me. We entered the garden, the tackiest part of the property with flowers in baskets and decorated concrete benches as if people came there often. He let go of his grip on my wrist, and I was now able to see that there was blood trickling from the marks in which his fingernails had made their place.
    “Honestly, you need to chill and tell me what’s up before I throw a refrigerator at you,” I said, which was for some reason the best threat that I could come up with.
    “Yeah I know, I’m sorry. But there’s something that you should know,” Jonah responded as he looked around to make sure no one was listening.
    “Clearly. Now don’t be all dramatic and just tell me.”
    “Okay fine,” he said taking a few extra glances just in case. “I may or may not have gotten someone to put several geckos under the dessert table.”
    Screams of horror suddenly rang out from the house. Jonah grinned slightly, hoping that I wasn’t going to be mad. I pinched the bridge of my nose, a deep sigh was released from my lungs.
    “Why do I bring you to these things?”

  3. What is going on? The question floated back and forth in her mind as she surveyed her surroundings. Laughter and panic swirled in the air as people happily rushed past her to get to the exit of the house.
    “Come on Anna! Are you lead-footed?!” Her best-friend, Nathan called out to here amidst to disorderly sea of sweaty prepubescent incendiaries squishing through the small evacuation aperture. “You don’t want to be late to the park and miss Panic! At The Disco do you?!”
    “Panic! At The Disco?” She questioned loudly, her voice raising due to the elation in her chest at the mention of her current favorite band.
    “Yeah, Panic! At The Disco. Only the greatest band ever. A bunch of fangirls tweeted out five seconds ago that they kidnapped them after their New Year’s Eve concert and are in the park right now.” Nathan replied hastily as Anna caught up with him at the entrance. He was currently pushing his way through the throng of fangirls trying to get a glimpse of Brendon Urie as he’s currently tied up to a tree with the rest of bandmates.
    “The park just across the street?” Anna questioned Nathan again as her heart pummeled wildly at the thought of Brendon Urie being less than 30 ft away from her current location.
    “Yes, Anna! Now do you get it? We have to go see them before those fangirls run off with them!”
    Suddenly, the shrill noise of desperation and insanity filled the air, and Anna ran as fast as she could across the street.
    As she finally arrived at the forested area of the park, she saw the back of her hero running as fast as he could as a mob of love-struck teenage girls chased after him with “I Love You” and “Marry Me, Brendon” posters dangling wildly in their hands.
    Nathan shortly followed her, slightly paler than usual due to his “exercise” and panting loudly. His face fell as he saw the ropes around the tree cut and the fangirls running away in the opposite direction.
    He sighed loudly in frustration, and then said “Well @TWENTYONEFOREVER just tweeted out that she has Tyler and Josh held captive in an alleyway behind the Starbucks on 59th street. Wanna go there?”
    Anna’s solemn expression lightened at the thought of meeting Twenty One Pilots. I mean sure there not Brendon Urie, but she also adamantly loved Tyler and Josh.
    “Yeah, definitely.” She agreed as both her and Nathan began rushing against time to make it to the Starbuck’s alleyway before the fangirls got to Twenty One Pilots and they possibly would never be seen again.

  4. I guess you can say they’re Fairly Local. Okay I’ll leave now.

  5. Furrowing my brow and shaking my head, I grab for my friend and say, “What are you talking about?! What did that man say to you?”
    Susan just keeps her eyes locked on the door across the room as she drags me to it. As she elbows past people (earning a few glares from some holding their full Solo cups), I open my mouth and glance back at Tyler, who had come back from the restroom and was definitely searching for me.
    “He was going to ask me out!” I say through gritted teeth as I’m thrown through the door by a deranged Susan, who begins frantically combing through her purse for her keys.
    “No time,” she mutters, turning over her bag and dumping its contents out. She falls to the floor and rakes her hands through empty gum wrappers, photo booth pictures from Spring Formal, and gift cards to various stores. “Where is it?” she hisses, wildly waving her hands for me to help her.
    “Susan,” I say, tightening my jaw, “What are you doing? I didn’t even see you drink from a Solo cup tonight.”
    “Kelly,” Susan responds, out of breath. “This is really important. I have GOT to find my keys! We need to leave now.” The tone of her voice hardened, a serious expression etched in her face. Frightened by this shift, I hit my knees the pavement and began searching with her, turning over every item to find a silver glint in the porch light.
    By this time, Tyler was probably talking to another girl. Happy New Year to me.
    “But why do we need to leave now? What’s going on?” I ask, biting my lip when my side of the purse mess turns up no missing keys.
    “Found them!!” Susan exclaims, holding up a surfboard key chain with her car keys dangling from them. She bounces up and begins to dash to her car by the side of the street.
    “Susan!” I cry, glancing back at the disaster we’ve left on our host’s driveway. “You can’t just leave your purse here! What about your wallet?”
    Susan swings around, her eyes wide with fear and urgency. “No time!” she calls for the second time. “Just grab it and let’s go!!!”
    Conflicted and wondering if Susan was going through some sort of crisis, I debate on whether I should run to her car, too.
    Seeing my uncertainty, Susan cries, “It’s a matter of life or death!” Taken aback by this statement, I swoop down to take her wallet. My feet pound against the asphalt to her car, my heart beginning to pound by the severity of the situation. What did that man say to her? Was he threatening her? I decide I’ll be demanding answers in the car.
    As I click in my seat belt and watch the house whiz out of view, I turn to face a panting Susan, her eyes concentrated and concerned.
    “What is going on?” I ask angrily. “Why did you drag me out of there like an insane child?”
    Susan bit her lip, wincing. “Did I look that bad?”
    “What are you talking about? You looked like we were on a kill list or something!”
    “Oh,” Susan trailed off, looking in her rear view mirror.
    “Oh, what? What did that man say to you?”
    “That was Kacey’s cousin, you know, who was hosting the party? He was reminding me when the stores opened for the New Year’s Day sales. Heh…. I wanted to be the first one there and…”
    I could feel my jaw unhinge itself entirely.
    She was definitely not going to make it there in one piece.

  6. “What why?”
    Mary started tugging on Alex’s arm trying to get her to move.
    “Come on, come on!” Mary shouted. With the music and people talking it didn’t even sound like she was even shouting.
    “Mary, we have like five minutes to midnight what are you doing!” Alex shouted back. Mary ignored her and kept pulling her throw the crowd.
    They reached the front door and stumbled outside. There were fireworks going off all over the city and Alex stared in wonderment. She always loved the fireworks.
    “Alex now is not the time for fireworks, we have to keep moving!” Mary shouted and started to run down the street, still pulling Alex with her. Alex stumbled in her heels and cursed herself for even wearing them in the first place.
    “Mary slow down! Where are, we going?”
    “The bridge,” Mary responded. Alex was still confused. The bridge? Why were they going to the bridge? Alex suddenly stopped and pulled Mary’s arm so she spun and stumbled into Alex’s arms.
    “Mary. What is going on? Are we in danger? Is something happening at the bridge?” Alex was starting to panic. What had that guy said to Mary?
    “We can get a better view from the bridge,” Mary said.
    “Of what?”
    “Come on, we’re gonna miss it.”
    This time Alex lets herself be tugged away. They rounded a street corner and started up the steps to the bridge. They were both panting like dogs by the time they made it to the middle of the bridge. The bridge itself and the freeway were devoid of any cars. It was odd. Alex checked her phone, less than a minute to midnight.
    “Mary’s what’s-”
    It happened all at once. Fireworks went off, it all directions. The city’s huge display could be seen almost clearly from here. The people of the various neighbourhoods were setting them off from every street corner.
    “Woah,” Alex breathed.
    “Look,” Mary shouted and pointed down to the freeway.
    There were hundreds of dogs running down the freeway. Dogs of every breed heading down the freeway towards to outskirts of town. Beyond that was hundreds of miles of land. They were all running there.
    “Mary, what-”
    “That guy was an activist that I have been talking with. He said some groups were going to high-kill shelters and abusive shelters to let the dogs free. They managed to get some fake closed road signs to help make a pathway for them to freedom.” Mary was smiling like someone gave her the world. It was more like, someone gave the world to the dogs.
    “That’s amazing,” Alex whispered, astonished. Alex had been to every protest in the city against these shelters. This was like a dream come true for her. “Where are, they going?”
    “Matt said they had some farms outside of the city that were willing to take the dogs in. Bedside’s that, there’s a sanctuary that will collect all the dogs. This was the only way that they could get them. The shelters refused to give them up.” Mary looked to see tears in Ale’s eyes. The dogs were still running underneath them. Mary smiled and whispered, “Happy new year, Alex.”

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