6:45am by Cristi

It was only 6:45 in the morning, and the sun was just beginning to wake up.
Trees with yellow and green leaves swayed in the light wind, waving to her as she passed through.
The coffee swished back and forth, threatening to spill over the rim as she raised her cup.
And the sky began to clear, leaving it light blue,
A rather untouched piece of land awaited her in the clearing, a place she’d never been
Filled with flowers and leaves and magic, though a place she’d never seen
The car seemed stop just as the paved street ended and began a dirt road
And she’d didn’t know where exactly to go, for she’d never been told
Yet she gravitated toward a flower-lined path that had wildly grown
And the sun rose above the tree tops, welcoming her home.


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  1. I love it!

  2. Cristi this poem is beautiful 🙂

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