That One Night by Jacob

“Are we finally going to go?” I ask, the excitement evident in my voice. She nodded and motioned for me to follow. We walk up to a door and she raises her hand to knock.
“What are you two doing?” I turn to see Gloria, my grandmother, walk down the hallway and stop in front of us. She had blonde hair and was around the age of 50. Whenever she spoke, her country accent was very clear.
“We’re going for a walk,” I tell her.
“Go ahead. Just make sure you don’t go too far. At least not until we know this neighborhood better.” My sister and I start to walk to the front door but my grandma says one more thing.
“Make sure you only go to the stop sign down the end of the street.” We make our way outside and walk down the dirt driveway.  I shivered from the harsh winter air and grinned. It has been very hot the past couple months and I was sick of it. I enjoyed the wind gently blowing against my face and chilling my bones.
“That sucks that we can only go to the stop sign,” I quietly say to my sister, Claire.
“Yeah, it does.” We’ve been cooped up in the house ever since we moved here. Claire has been saying we could go for a walk for the past week but we’ve both been so busy. Not tonight, though. We’re finally out of the house. Once we reach the stop sign, we turn around and walk back towards our house.
“We’re not going inside, are we?” I ask. I did not want to go inside right when we’ve just gotten out of the house since the time we moved here.
“Of course not!” she answers. I nod with satisfaction and we continue walking. Once we reach the driveway we turn back around and head back to the stop sign. After we’ve taken a couple steps we hear a loud voice.
“I wanna go for a walk.” We both turn to see a teenage boy standing in the doorway of his house.
“Go ahead,” Claire shouts to him.
“Okay, let me get my shoes on.” I see him go in his house and I’m guessing he’s putting on his shoes.
“What’s happening?” Claire asks, clearly confused.
“You said for him to go ahead and take a walk and he is now going for a walk. With us.”
“I’m so confused.”
“Claire. You need to tell him he can’t go for a walk with us. If you don’t, I will.”
“Then do it,” she tells me. Crap. What did I just do? I don’t want to talk to some stranger. The teenage boy comes back outside with another teenage boy, probably his brother, and stops at the end of his driveway.
“Let’s go for a walk,” he says.
“We’re only allowed to go past the stop sign,” Claire says.
“Well, that’s not really a walk then.” My sister laughs and agrees with him. A cat runs up to us and Claire bends down to pet it. I look away with disgust and watch as the teenage boys walk over to us.
“That’s Twitch,” he tells us.
“Can I keep him?” Claire asks jokingly.
“Nah, but you can have one of the other cats. Not that one though.” I see the second teenage boy, who is shirtless, sagging. I even think I see him pushing his pants down a little. The first teenage boy walks over and picks his cat up after Claire is done petting him.
“And I was hoping I could go for a walk,” he says. The two teenage boys go back to their house and we start walking back to the stop sign.
“You don’t say yes when some teenage boy is asking to go for a walk!” I whisper, knowing they would be able to hear me if I spoke any louder.
“I didn’t know he meant he wanted to go for a walk with us.” We keep walking until we reach the stop sign. We keep walking back and forth, which is very embarrassing, until we realize it was getting kind of late. We walk back inside our house and lock the door behind us. I go to my room and get ready for bed, my sister doing the same, and then we say goodnight to each other. I close my eyes and have a dreamless sleep. From that day on, the neighbors never bothered us again.


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  1. I sometimes walk my dog at night and if my neighbor asked to walk with me out of nowhere. I would’ve freaked out also 🙂

  2. This was a roller coaster if someone out of nowhere wanted to walk with me I’d already be half way to Canada. I really liked your story nonetheless lol. Great Job!

  3. Thanks!

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