Lost, a Memoir by Charissa

Ever since, I was young I’ve had a habit of running off and doing my own thing completely disregarding the fact that I have to tell someone where I’m going first. I have a reputation of getting lost in my family, which is why my parents bought me a phone earlier than most children get one (which I’m definitely not complaining about.)

In 2010, my family and I went to Australia, but before heading to Australia the plane stopped at California. My mom worked at the airport as an TSA officer and I guess they have clearance to special restricted areas and we got to go to a building next to the airplanes so we could see them. I wandered off to get a closer view of the planes without telling anybody where I went and got lost. I would’ve been lost for hours except I had a phone so it was easy to locate my family.

When my family and I went to Australia to visit my cousins, we took a trip to Sydney. My mom and sister didn’t want to do anything and I did, so I just walked off without telling anyone. I still to this day don’t know why my ten year old self did that, but I did.

I observed a lot of cool places in Sydney like Bondi Beach, a huge library, a small park full of statues or something, an outdoor mall (which was really cool since FIFA was going on and their soccer players were hanging out, but I didn’t watch or know what FIFA was until 3 years later so I didn’t pay attention to them), the Sydney bridge, and the Sydney opera house. Which is really nice and has really cool bathrooms [not trying to be gross or anything but the bathrooms, well the women’s (I don’t about the men’s bathroom) is really high-tech and clean for just a bathroom.]

After my “exploration” was over. I was really tired, and for some reason I climbed up a huge tree to get a good photo of the water under the Sydney Bridge and when I jumped off the branch to the ground which was 10 ft. away. I hit my ankle really hard upon landing, so my ankle was aching badly. I tried going back to the spot where my family was last, but they weren’t there. The sun was completely gone, and being so young (I had literally just graduated from elementary school) I was pretty scared.

I tried to find my way around the city, which thankfully was easy because all the signs were in plain English and Sydney looks just like a regular American city. I searched around carefully but still had no sign of them. I didn’t bring my phone with me because I had to choose between my camera and my phone, and I of course chose the camera.

I walked inside a nearby McDonald’s for shelter, because it was getting cold and well IT’S McDonald’s. I ordered a sprite and fries and searched for a table to sit down at. Even though finding my family before they left back to America was important; I still somehow made time for McDonald’s, and I was actually pretty lucky I did because my family was actually in the restaurant also.

I made my way over to them and then was safely reunited with my family. I did get in trouble for walking off without telling anybody, but my punishment was not getting a souvenir from the airport gift shop or something like that.


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  1. Lets be real, math is a hard subject. It most definitely is not my strong suit either. I rooting for ya!

  2. But I liked how you shared your experience, it was very good to get a glimpse of your childhood self. Well Done!

  3. Charissa, I loved reading this! It was so entertaining to read and I loved it. 🙂

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