Writing Prompt!

From Natalie: Use a non-important side character for an entire scene.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Billy walks into the kitchen and pulls out a jar of peanut butter. He gets some bread and then he grabs a knife from one of the drawers.
    “Gonna make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” he says to himself. He gets the jar of jelly from the fridge and pops the lid off. Reaching into the jar of jelly with the knife, he gets a big glob of jelly and slaps it onto one of the pieces of bread. It splatters everywhere but he doesn’t seem to notice. Billy starts humming to himself as he spreads the jelly all across the bread. Every time he gets some more jelly, it keeps flying in the air and landing on the walls, ceiling, and floor. When he finished with the jelly, he stuffed it in the fridge and then opened the jar of peanut butter. Not bothering to clean the knife, he sticks it into the peanut butter and then starts spreading it onto the same piece of bread that had the jelly on it. After he spreads it, Billy puts a piece of bread on top of the one with peanut butter and jelly. He picks it up and brings it to his mouth but then he stops.
    “Oh wait. I’m allergic to peanut butter and jelly.”

  2. “Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Joe. Hey. I need to talk to you. Hey.”
    I rolled my eyes and twisted myself around in my desk, getting a glimpse of Dylan, a kid with curly red hair and braces in which their color would change everyday. How he was even able to do that, I didn’t know, but today they were red, matching the ginger in his hair.
    “What,” I said as quiet as I possibly could through gritted teeth. Detention had more people today than normal, meaning that there wasn’t enough room to sit on the other side of the classroom, away from Dylan. But I could tell that the teachers knew that I wasn’t going to start a conversation with him anyway.
    “Why is your name even Joe? Aren’t you a girl? Is there some kind of science behind it? Are you-”
    “Did you really just nag for me just to ask me some dumb questions? You’re sick. If you’re just trying to flirt, then you better know now that-”
    Mr. Jackson cleared his throat, his stern eyes glaring right at me. I sat faced forward, for once glad that that I was caught by him. I knew that I was his least favorite student, but to be honest, he was my least favorite teacher.
    “Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. H-”
    I shot my hand up almost instantly.
    “Yes Josephine?” Mr. Jackson asked with a sigh.
    “My mom just texted me. There’s an emergency. A really big emergency.”
    He rubbed his forehead, and knowing me, he had probably known that I was just going to keep nagging with that same excuse. He was not in one of his worse moods, so he gestured towards the door.
    “Just this once,” Mr. Jackson said.
    I grabbed my backpack with a smirk, taking one final glance at Dylan. He had just sat there, astonished that I was actually able to convince Mr. Jackson to let me leave. I flipped my hair for dramatic effect before twisting the door handle and making my way down the hallway. I smiled to myself, simply because Mr. Jackson had forgotten that he took our phones and there was no way that I could have gotten a text from anyone, and I knew that stealing the phone back won’t be much of a problem. All of this because of a red headed kid who won’t be apart of my story.

  3. “Wow…you can breathe through your nose with your tongue sticking out.” Josh, CEO of Save The World Inc says with a dead farce look of nothing on his face.
    I smile brightly at him, trying not to boast about my talent too much. “Yes. It’s a rare genetic miracle that runs in my bloodline.”
    “Interesting.” He comments, while reading over my resume again for the job as a superhero here at Super World Inc.
    “What’s your ability? You put N/A on the line marked “special ability” Josh questions, looking up from my outstanding resume and staring directly right at me.The burning feeling of his icy green stare begins to make me itch at the back of my neck and my insides begin to churn tightly with anxiety.
    “Oh my ability…right I forgot everyone who works here has one…um I can fly over 300 ft in the air, run faster than the speed of light, morph into any living figure I want, and hold objects denser than 500 pounds.” I say quickly, trying to hide the fact that I just lied about my ability. The only ability I have is the ability too sleep for more than 24 hours.Which is pretty amazing, I’m not gonna lie.
    “That’s a lot of abilities…” He says in a questioning tone that sends my anxiety into overdrive. “Usually our superheroes only have one ability. You must be special, then?”
    “Oh yeah…I’m the best.” I say while fake laughing. “I’m like super-incredibly special.”
    “That’s interesting.” He says dully.”You wanna know what my ability is?”
    Impulsively, I shake my head “no” but then correct myself and say, “Sure, I’d love that.”
    “I can read people’s minds and apparently the only “ability” you have is…..”sleeping for more than 24 hours.” He says, and before he has the ability to speak any further. I blurt out, “Wow…that’s a lame ability. My abilities were sooo much better than that….well even though they were fake.”
    “Excuse me?” He questions.
    Oops, my bad. I just scratch the back of my head and laugh awkwardly in the dead silent room.

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