A New Year by Grace

It’s the month of January, which means it’s a brand-new year. The past year has been left behind, with a trail of successes and failures, wins and losses. You grew and learned a little bit about yourself, and now it’s time to take that knowledge and apply it to your future, to this year. As a writer, I look at this new shiny year as another building block in my tower of writer development. This past year, I’ve wasted time I could have been using to really develop who I am as a writer. Sure, I’ve written some pieces I’m proud of, and I have scratched the surface in being authentic in my poetry. But I still haven’t done as much practice and studying as I should have (for as writers, we are always working on our craft, right?). I’m taking this year as the year I begin to read. Not just for enjoyment or pleasure, but for learning and developing. I may love to write poetry, but I’ve hardly exposed myself to the greatest poets in history. Often I write and only edit a little bit, and I rarely experiment. This is something I’d like to do this year. I look at the road ahead and see so many things that will give me stress: ACTs and SATs, college hunting and scholarship finding, AP exams and whatever else will be put on my plate in no time. But that’s no excuse for doing what I love, and making time (not finding time) to do it. I believe my lack of writing has led me to assume I’m just not cut out to be a writer. That maybe I was intended to be something less creative, because I hardly create anymore. But it’s only because I let these challenges get the best of me, and I’ve shut down instead of opening up. Take hold of this year and make it what you want to be. Don’t let the things you have to do control you, and take you away from what you’d like to do. Every day is a gift, and you have the opportunity to use that gift to grow as the writer you aim to be. The Creative Writing Club will be delving into more topics, writing workshops, and contests that will help challenge the writer in you, and give you the tools to improve. Take hold of these opportunities, too—they are very advantageous!

This year, I’m going to work harder on my craft, and learn more about it, too. As a writer, what are your new year resolutions?


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  1. My New Year’s Resolution is to finish typing up a book I wrote, and write the rest of another book I wrote. 🙂

  2. I have my own journal where I write scenes of books I hopefully one day will create.This year I want to write over 20 scenes

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