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From Rosalind: Your character was just invited to a party, and they are trying to choose the perfect food dish to bring along. What will they pick/make?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. I was sitting on the couch curled up with one of my recipe books, “The Baker’s Book of Essential Recipes,” furiously flipping through the pages. Nearby was the blindingly white invitation to my neighbor’s dinner party, with a coffee mug sitting on top of the bottom right corner, accompanied by a perfectly good plate of palmiers, wanting some attention in my mouth. I glanced up and remembered their delectable presence, and without further ado, picked a delicate curl and dunked it gracefully into my cup. I went back to flipping through pictures of food, absent-mindedly nibbling on the cookie. Suddenly, I stopped.

    “Pound cake?” I said to myself, out loud and crazy-sounding. “Let’s see…baking powder, yes, salt, yes, sugar, good to go… cake flour, I think we have a substitute for that…” Keeping my thumb on page 108, I flipped to the back where I knew the emergency substitutions were. “Here we are! Cake flour, 1 cup…” I flipped back to the recipe, which called for two cups. I flipped back to the substitutes, simple multiplication in mind. “Let’s see here…2 tablespoons…that would be four…of cornstarch.” I sat up, looking into the kitchen and trying to remember if we had any cornstarch. With a yell of exasperation, I remembered using the last of it in that lovely recipe of double cornbread last week, and Joel was still at work with the car.

    I slammed the book shut and tossed it on the coffee table, upsetting my mug and stack of palmiers. Groaning, I got up to retrieve some paper towels and came back with the whole roll and another book. After tearing some squares off and tossing them onto the puddle, I sat back down with my red composition notebook labeled, very creatively, I must add, “Recipes.” Picking up another curl and sipping on some coffee, I began to flip through the book, memories pleasantly invading my stressed mind.

    “Oh, dark chocolate brownies, those might be good…no cocoa, right. Chocolate chip cookies are always delicious, but they seem too easy, everyone might make them. Rocky road bar, hmm…nah, too sweet. No crepes, they are too much of a breakfast item, and they are better fresh than an hour old, aren’t they?” I flipped the page and a particular recipe caught my eye.

    “Biscuits and gravy, those are good. Flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, milk… I think we have everything.” Excitedly, I got up and disturbed the coffee again, but this time it didn’t spill. I went into the kitchen and tossed the book on the counter, looking into the pantry with some apprehension. Flour, baking powder, sugar…everything I needed. I gave myself a pat on the back before going over to the phone to RSVP and tell Mary I was bringing biscuits and gravy.

  2. Like being invited to a party was already surprising enough, I had to make something? With my own two hands? It almost didn’t seem worth it.

    Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad. It’s just following directions right? But maybe I’m not so good at that either…

    I eventually threw my hands in the air with a “whatever!” leaving my lips as I ventured off into my bookshelf for anything that had to do with cooking. After several hours of coming up empty-handed, I then realized that the internet actually existed.

    I clicked away, trying to come up with something that would be fairly easy, yet suitable as a party dish. Cornbread? No, do I really want to be that random person that brings cornbread? I continued my pondering. Cookies? Oh right, I had forgotten about my last attempt to bake cookies. The fire department was not pleased. Strawberry Shortcake? How old am I, 90?

    Then, as I did my scrolling, I had found something. Something that, in my opinion, seemed fairly simple. As I looked through the recipe, I nodded. Yes, I would make this.

    Lasagna. I later discovered that this was not a good idea.

  3. Where is the organic vegan section? The thought sank deep inside her brain as she rolled her cart through the narrow aisles of the grocery store. Bryce had just received the “much anticipated” invite to her cousin’s house party and was told to bring something organic and additive-free.

    “Excuse me, sir. Is this organic?” Bryce asked with anticipation as she stared at the warm and gooey piece of chocolate cake sitting down on a small plastic plate at a sampling table by the bakery. The ethereal sight of the warm cocoa perfection was enough to make her stomach grumble with suspense. The chef handing out the free samples gave Bryce a farce look as she asked the question.

    “I’m sorry, I don’t know what that means.” He answered still looking at her like she was from a different planet.

    “Yeah, I don’t either but my cousin who’s a dietitian invited me to her house party which is in like two hours and I need a organic dish quick.” She mumbled so fast and incoherent that the man started to believe she didn’t speak English and started to look around for help to communicate with her.

    “Um…I just give samples. Here take one there free.” He said trying to hand Bryce a small plate with a mountain-full of chocolate cake on it. Bryce didn’t accept the offered plate. She was too occupied staring at the elegant-looking chocolate cake sitting right of her and wondering whether it was made from cocoa powder or dirt. If it was made of dirt that could count as organic, right?

    “Are you sure this cake isn’t organic?” Bryce asked the daunting question again. Time was running out and Bryce didn’t want to be that one awkward person walking in halfway through the party. She still had to go home and get ready for the “much anticipated” party her cousin so graciously invite her to.

    “Umm…sure. I think it is.” The chef answered trying to get this eccentric girl away from him and his award winning strawberry-mint chocolate cake.

    Bryce’s face glared bright with a contented smile as she heard the good news. She quickly snatched the aesthetic chocolate masterpiece off of the sampling table and quickly threw down a $20 in it’s place.

    “Thanks!” She screamed as she quickly darted out of the store and into the store’s parking lot.

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