Group Short Story

Each year, members of the club come together to write a short story.
This will be a fast paced, challenging, and fun exercise!
Language and subject matter must be school appropriate. You will be dropped from the story if you submit work that is inappropriate. If you have a question about whether something is inappropriate, it probably is.
You can introduce new elements, but what you write should not come out from left field from what has been established. You need to keep the story consistent. Your section will not be added to the story if it is too crazy.
The story will be written by everyone participating. One person will start and send their part to me. I will send the story to the next person. They will add their 500 words, and send it back to me. And so on. How many turns you get at writing the story will depend on how many members participate.
The turn around time will be 1 day. For example if you are tapped to write your section on Monday, you need to send me your 500 words by Tuesday.
Each participant will write 500 words at a time.
The story will be written in January 27 – February 28.

Click HERE to read the group short story from the 2015-2016 school year, written by 15 members of the club.

Last night at the meeting we decided on the basic elements of our story. The genre of our story is fantasy, first person point of view, and set in the land of Midgury. Our main character is Orania Windwhisper. Orania is a human, rogue warrior. She is a loner trained in the fighting arts wielding two weapons. She was running away from a war she doesn’t want to be in, but was captured by the other side. At the start of the our story we find Orania prisoner in a dark forest. If you’re participating in the story, you’ll receive more background information about Midgury and our main character.

To participate in the short story, email Mrs. Emery by January 26.


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