“The Fence” by Mary-Kelly

“This is a bad idea,” Derek said with small hints of fear in his eyes. “This is a very, VERY bad idea.”
I rolled my eyes and tried to help myself from laughing at how much of a coward he was. “It’s just a fence. Look at those beautiful trees on the other side. Who knows what else could be over there, we could be missing out on something here,” I said gesturing to the wooden fence that stood before us.
“But Josephine, they told us not to go behind it. They said it was dangerous,” he said. I scoffed.
“By ‘they’ you mean Mr. Jackson? That old fool? He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. There’s a reason he’s a high school teacher and not God. Now come on, give me a lift.”
I had already started towards the fence when Derek made another objection. “I still have a bad feeling,” he said rubbing the back of his neck nervously, a piece of his dirty blonde hair falling into his face. He began to walk away. With a groan, I followed him.
I sighed. “All right, fine. We won’t go if you really don’t want to.”
I then darted straight for the fence at full speed. I leaped up and managed to grip onto the top. I hauled myself up and turned my head around o see Derek’s terrified face running towards me. “Josephine!” He cried. “Can you for one second stop being sarcastic?”
“I can’t, dude,” I said putting myself in a sitting position on top of the wooden barrier. “It’s my second language. Now it’s your tu-”
I fell backwards, landing on a whole plain of leaves. Pain shot through my side, bringing a small grunt out of me. My vision had blurred for a moment.
“Joe! Oh my God…are you okay? Can you hear me?”
“Yeah yeah, Goldilocks. I’m fine,” I responded as I found my feet.
The view was incredible.
There was a pond the shimmered in the sunlight. There were flowers growing from the ground even thought it was fall. Was that even possible? The trees were large and young looking, overall everything was full of life.
“How could they have fenced this?” I asked aloud. “Derek get over here, you gotta see this.”
There was no response, his squeaky and prepubescent voice did not echo from the other side of the fence. “Derek?” I called out.
An unsettling atmosphere had drifted through the air. I worried for a moment, and the only thing that I could hear was the rustling of the trees in the wind. I decided to grab hold of the fence to peer over and check on him, and I hoped that I hadn’t just made a huge mistake.
When I looked over, Derek was nowhere to be seen. How hard could it be to find someone who was 5’11? My stomach twisted.
“Derek?” I called out again. I strained my muscles to keep their position as I hauled myself up in higher hopes of being able to see where he could have possibly been.
I suddenly felt a tugging at my foot. My heart jumped, and I yanked my head around to see Derek on the side in which he had feared to tread less than a minute ago.
“I know why this side has been fenced,” he said. “This is apparently Mr. Jackson’s property. Don’t ask how I just found out, but we should probably leave before the cops show up.”


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  1. I love the tone and mood of this piece, Mary-Kelly!

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