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From Cheyenne: Your character is having a bad day when a strange woman approaches them and puts something in the palm of their hand. What is it?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “What is this?” I ask myself. Its surface is smooth and shiny. I squeeze the small black orb in my hand and everything around me goes flying straight towards the orb. Which is in my hand. I scream and drop to the ground, the orb falling out of my hand. The sound of things falling to the ground makes me look up. They fell to the ground when I let go of the orb. Looking around, I realize that the old hag is gone. “It looks like my day just got a whole lot better.” I go into a store and squeeze the orb. Everyone goes flying towards it but I ease up on my grip so they don’t hit me. The people groan and rub their heads. I smile and head for the concert down the street. There will be a lot of people there. As I head for the concert, I keep squeezing the orb and having fun. The concert comes into view. I run towards it and then squeeze the orb. However, something different happens this time. Nobody goes flying towards the orb. Someone places their hand on my shoulder. I turn around and see the old hag with a giant mole on her face and a few warts above her eyebrow. She had long gray hair tied into a bun and she was wearing a long black dress that went to her ankles. I make a disgusted face as I stare at her.
    “Give me the orb,” she says in a raspy voice.
    “Ugh!” I shout with disgust when she reaches for the orb that is still in my hand. “Don’t touch me, you old hag. Go fly on your broomstick and get out of here so I don’t have to stare at your ugly face.” After I finish saying that, she starts to float in the air. Her body turns into light and I realize that she’s changing. When her feet touch the ground, her body is completely different. She has no warts at all and the giant mole on her face has disappeared. Her gray hair tied into a bun changed into long wavy blonde hair going past her shoulders. The ugly black dress has changed into an elegant turquoise dress.
    “Wow! You are hot!” She lightly slaps me on the cheek.
    “Stop drooling, honey.” She grabs the orb from my hand and then disappears. Someone elbows me in the ribs and I fall to the ground. A hotdog falls on my face, ketchup going up my nose. I try to get up but something hits me in the head.
    “My day is going to be terrible,” I say while rubbing my head.

  2. I rubbed my fingers against the dark wood carving that had rested in my palm. With a raised eyebrow, I yanked my head around to try and get another glimpse of the woman who had placed this mysterious object in my possession. She was gone. No where to be spotted. I couldn’t see her face anyway due to the black hoodie, however the long brunette hair slightly spilling from the hood of the jacket had given it away that it was most definitely a female.

    I knew that this had to be some kind of prank to top my day off. It just had to be. After waking up late, missing the bus, losing my homework, failing my math exam, accidentally spilling marinara sauce on my crush, slipping down the stairwell, and getting a detention for falling asleep in class; there was no way that I was going to tolerate any of this.

    I glared down at the object, and it looked like a fifth grade arts and crafts project. A small wooden bear with beige colored string dangling from it’s head. It was one of the strangest things ever given to me. I hated it.

    I chucked the bear, and watched as it fell into one of the bushes across the street. I continued my walk home with a sigh, preparing to unwind when I were to approach my doorstep. I placed my hands in my jacket pocket, expecting enough room to keep my fingers warm from the chilly wind, however, my fingers had brushed up against that wood carving. I wrapped my fingers around it again, pulling it from my pocket to see the object yet again. My breath became shaky. How was something like this even possible? I threw it away, didn’t I? I watched it with my own two eyes. I chucked it away once again, except this time I had sprinted away. Hoping to never see that awful piece of trash ever again.

    This however, was not the case.

    • This is so good! I love how the wood carving keeps popping into your character’s pocket, just like Percy Jackson and his pen/sword. I also love the things that happened during the day that made the day bad. Mostly the “accidentally spilling marinara sauce on my crush.” Creepy ending. Good job!

    • Love it! Especially the ending, just that single sentence.

    • Ooh, Mary-Kelly! This is great!

  3. I watch as the woman with long wavy blonde hair struts away, her hips swaying as she walks. I don’t think to call after her, to ask why she gave it to me, lest she take it back. I have already lost so many things today. My pride, for starters. A gift from my boyfriend, a family heirloom, and a sentimental piece of jewelry.

    I peel my eyes away from the woman, and study the object in my hand. It’s a necklace. The necklace has a thin, sliver chain, the links small, and delicate. The pendant hanging from the chain is something else. A silver horse locket. Small, with a diamond, glittering eye. I am dumbfounded. This very necklace that I’m holding, is the same one I had lost today. There is even that scratch from the time I fell onto the sidewalk. My eyes start to blur with tears. I look up, trying to find the woman, who graciously returned my necklace.

    She’s nowhere to be found. I turn my eyes back down to the necklace, and open the tiny locket. Inside, there is a small scroll. I carefully pinch it out, curious. It had not been there before. I unfurl the note and read it. It says, “I found this. I’ve been watching you, and I hope this is a sliver of sun on your cloudy day.”

    I shiver at the thought of someone watching me, but thankful there are some good people out there. As I walk home, I place the necklace around my neck, thinking of the woman. Just when I’m about to enter my house, I grasp my necklace out of habit, and scan my neighborhood. But my necklace is no longer there.

    • I love this. This is very creepy but that lady is sweet. Unless she’s the one who took the necklace… She was watching your character. This is very good, Pearl! I especially love the ending!

  4. Have you ever had a bad day? Like a really bad day. Like one of those days where your house burns down leaving you homeless, your dog runs away leaving you heartbroken, you fail your AP exam, you find out you got denied into all of the colleges you applied to, you get fired from your job, and your best-friend ditches your life-long friendship to go become BFF’s with your sworn enemy. Yeah, well that’s kind of like my day right now. I went to Starbucks like every other normal day to order my daily iced green tea latte. When I was about to pay for it, the cashier stops me and says “I’m sorry, ma’am but were out of iced green tea latte. Would you like something else?”

    I was too hurt and shocked to respond to the barista. So, I just grabbed my card and ran out the door trying to stop the tears from etching themselves out from my tear ducts. Out of delicious iced green tea latte. Why is this happening to me? Starbucks iced green tea latte is my caffeine and sugar fill every day. Now what will I do?

    As the question floats across my mind; an uncanny woman walking past me places something thin in the flesh of my palm. The eldritch woman quickly scurries away as if I were to hurt her after placing the object in my hand.

    I swallow deeply and shakily open up my clammy palm revealing a white thin piece of paper. I look towards the direction the woman had run off as I see no words on the blank piece of paper. Why would she give this to me? Just as I’m about to throw it away faded blank ink scrawled onto the back of the paper makes it’s presence known. I quickly turn it over and read the words out loud.

    “One free meal. Valid at any participating Chick Fil A”

    Awesome,I love Chick Fil A. Their chicken nuggets are to die for. I quickly pull out my phone from my back pocket and search where the nearest Chick Fil A is located. I get in my car and program the address into my GPS. Just as I’m about to quickly pull out of my parking spot, because some guy is pounding down on his car horn for my spot. I read the expiration date on the bottom of the coupon in tiny print.

    “Expires: 10/20/09” Also, it’s Sunday.

  5. My heart pounds wildly and my breath comes in gasps. I dare a glance back, my long blonde hair flying in my face. I spit and jerk my head impatiently in an effort to get it away from my eyes. There they are. Still behind me. Chasing me! I run harder, my chest aching for a breath. I can’t outrun them. I’m gonna have to hide. But where? All I see around me is hot sand. That’s right, we are in the middle of the desert. Gee, how could I have forgotten.

    I squeeze my eyes shut as the wind picks up and blows sand particles in my eyes. Why did Dad have to bring me on his Sahara expedition again? It seems like trouble always follows us when he gets into these things. He should have known it was a hoax when the invite came in the mail to look at a sunken ship in the middle of the desert. But he just “HAS to get this special artifact, the Fliance Flail” Or whatever it is.

    I open my eyes and sigh. I don’t even have what they are looking for! But I have to keep running because if they catch me they will put me in their torture camp. I’ve been there plenty of times before, and trust me, you don’t want to go. Suddenly, a motor sound reaches my ears. A whirring, mechanical, humming sound. A helicopter! Yes! The sand starts to swirl up about 150 yards in front of me. My dad has come to rescue me! I knew he would.

    I tuck my head down and run harder towards the helicopter slowly lowering down in the sky. A ladder drops from a hatch on the bottom, swinging with the wind. 50 more yards and I’m there. I glance back at my pursuers. They keep running with their head turbans on, yelling some foreign language to each other. I can’t help but smile. I’ve escaped yet again. 20 yards. I throw an arm up to shield my eyes from the sand flying through the air. It bites at my cheeks and stings my sweaty neck. 10 yards. I jump through the swirling storm of sand and land face first in the dust. My fingers grasp the end of the ladder and I scramble up. Adrenaline courses through my veins, pounding in unison with my heart as I frantically climb up the swinging rope ladder.

    As I near the top, I hear the men’s voices screaming incomprehensible things to each other over the roar of the helicopter blades whirring through the air. As I near the opening to safety, an old, wrinkled hand emerges through the opening to help me up. Curiously, I grab the hand and use my tired muscles to pull myself up into the vertical opening. Suddenly, I come face to face with an old woman’s face. A hooked nose reaches all the way to her crooked, yellow teeth and her grey eyes are hidden behind bushman eyebrows. I can’t help but grimace a bit inside at the sight of her. She helps me to my feet and promptly shuts the hatch.
    “Go!” She yells towards the helicopter pilot. A gear shifts and the helicopter starts humming louder. I stumble as I realize we are lifting off the ground.
    “Where is my Father?” I pronounce loudly.
    “He is fine.” The old woman bites back, her voice rough. “He’s just being taken to the torture camps.”
    “What?!” I exclaim, “I have to get to him!”
    “No!” The woman pronounces. “Going to him right now, will not help him. You must take this.”
    She shoves something cold and smooth into my palm. Puzzled and frantic, I look down at it.
    It is a gold little fish, the perfect size of my palm.
    “What is th-” I cut myself off with a gasp. This was the symbol on the invitation to the sunken ship that my Father got in the mail! This is the Fliance Flail!
    “Where did you get this?” I demand, curling my fingers around the precious object. If those men chasing me found this in my possession, I would be dead for sure.
    “That doesn’t matter.” The woman snaps, looking about wildly as if there were people hidden in the small space. “What matters is that you get this back into Menath’s tomb IMMEDIATELY.
    “What? Who is Menath?” This woman is speaking more and more nonsense the longer I’m with her.
    “The King of the Sahara you fool! The only way to break the curse on you, me, and your Father, and to free him from the Saharan’s grasp is to put this back where it belongs. Now go!”
    Before I can say anything, the bottom hatch opens and the old woman kicks me forcefully out of the helicopter. I scream as I fall through the air. I land in a heap on soft, cool sand. I must not have been as high up in the air as I had thought. A huge shadow looms over me and I look up. It is a gigantic, pyramid looking structure. Foreign letters are carved in the top of the bricks. It takes me a few minutes, but I know enough Saharan to make out the words,
    Entrance. To The Great Menath’s Tomb. Enter. If You Dare.
    Great! Way to feel welcome. A huge stone starts to shake and rumble at the entrance of the tomb and I notice the gold artifact starts to vibrate in my hand. I open my hand and look at it. It is glowing! The artifact must be the key to open the tomb! I stand up and shake my head. This better be worth it.

  6. Someone taps my shoulder three times. Very quickly. Very hard. Tap! Tap! Tap! I whip myself around to face whomever this extremely rude person is that just interrupted my calm, peaceful walk. I do a 180 and I find myself face to face with a semi-transparent shadowy figure, that seems as if she’s made of storm cloud. No one else is noticing this?? I look over my shoulder and no one is paying attention. Wow. I face the cloud lady again. Some-what frustrated I whisper urgently, hoping to make her go away and I can go on with my NORMAL life,
    “What do you want?”
    The response I get is very odd. She holds out her wispy, gray cloud hand. For a second I just stare at the lightning moving through her hand, then she uses her other hand to point at my right hand. Does she want me to hold out my hand? Tentatively I hold out my right hand. She places her left hand over my right. Lightning sparks from her hand to mine making small blue arches in between our hands. Inside all of the lightning, in the center of my palm, something starts to form from the clouds. A few seconds pass. Bam! She’s gone! I clutch whatever is in my hand and draw it close to my body out of instinct.
    I am seriously freaked out now! I run home, which is only a few blocks but it leaves me winded like I just ran a mile. I pause in front of my front door and look around. Still no one is paying attention. This is really weird. I struggle with the key, but finally manage to get it into the lock, turn it, and push my door open. Once the door behind me is closed, I lean on it an catch my breath. In and out. In and out. Now for the first time I look at what is in my hands. A piece of broccoli?? What?! All of that for a piece of broccoli?! But after that run, I actually am kind of hungry. How bad could it be? It’s broccoli. I walk over the my kitchen and run hot water over the piece of broccoli to wash it, then I pop it in my mouth. I chew and swallow.
    Then something happened. My hands started lose their density almost completely! It felt like someone had poked a needle through my hand many times until my hand was a porous sponge. The feeling continued throughout my body starting at my wrists. Just as my feet were affected, my hands turned gray! GRAY! Then they started to become wispy. I was becoming a cloud man!! I ran through the kitchen, to my bedroom, threw open the door to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror.
    My features were still there. I could recognize myself, but instead of eyes I had balls of lightning the color that my eyes were. Dark green lightning pulsed through my eye sockets. I walked out into my bedroom. I stood there staring into space for several seconds. Why? Why did that lady pick me?
    Then it came again. TAP! TAP! TAP!

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