A New Year. A New Story. by Rosalind

A New Year for some is opportunity for life to begin all over again. Resolutions and goals, new promises and old hopes revisited. The New Year is also a perfect platform for new stories. There is endless room for fresh ideas, as we sweep away the creative clutter that has accumulated over the previous year. We have officially entered a clean slate, and washed away the scribbles and scrawls that happened as the months went by. Whether we’re beginning a fresh chapter one, or are continuing our work on a novel we see as ‘old’, we’re coming into a never-before-seen season of art. We can consider it as if we’ve changed an old pair of clothes. Stained in paint and colors of life, scribbled with the words of our hearts and minds. We’ve reached in the wash and found a nice, warm outfit we have the chance to have never seen before.

Note I say we have that chance, for we can choose to dwell on old mistakes, past disappointments in our lives and work. Or we can choose to brush the dust from time away from our souls, blow away the cobwebs that cloud our creativity, and treat every word we place on paper as though it has just crossed our minds the once. When the ball dropped at midnight on New Years day, an unseen rain came though our minds to wash away all the things we wished we had tried. And then the clouds clear, leaving behind a rainbow of things we no longer have to mourn, because they can come again. If we choose. If we choose.

Invite new times into your process of creation when in the art of authoring a piece of work. Open the door to the unsettling adventure you may have seen yourself incapable of making in the past. Jump from the cliff into the water you feared rocky before, as you give a chance for the fog to clear and you see the bottom was sandy and soft all along. Do not fear a New Year in your work. Allow yourself to begin all over again.


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