Writing Prompt!

From Grace: Write a dialogue scene about the last phone call that you made.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Charissa: “Do you know if the Baltimore Ravens are in the Super Bowl this year?”

    Sister: “They’re not. The Patriots and Falcons are playing.”

    Charissa/ Sister: *long and awkward silence*

    Charissa: “Oh….okay. Um…m-mom’s calling me. Le-let me go check on what she..uh wants.”

    Charissa: *places phone down on table*
    Charissa: *forgets to mute phone*

    Five seconds later…..

    Sister: *hears audible whimpering and sobbing over the phone*

    Charissa: “Wwwwwhhhhhyyyy? *more audible sobbing* WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY????????? You can’t do this me Ravens!!! You guys won in 2013! That was four years ago!!! Wwwhhhhyyy?!?!”

    Sister: *audible sigh* Umm…hey you still there Charissa?”

    Charissa: *immediately stops screaming/crying and wipes tears furiously from off her face* “Hey…” *audibly clears croaky throat* “Hey.. Sorry I took so long. Mom just wanted to know if you wanted something from the house to be brought over this weekend.”

    Sister: *inaudibly rolls her eyes at the lie* “Nope….I’m good…but…but are you?”

    Charissa: “Uh huh…oh yeah I’m fine…*quickly audibly sobs again* There’s always next year…… right?”

    Sister: “Yep..oh yeah for sure…the Fal- I mean Ravens are the best.”
    *subtly stares at her Atlanta Falcons jersey while shaking her head*

    Charissa: “I know right!” *happily stares at her Baltimore Ravens jersey in her closet while daydreaming of her wearing it and cheering on the Ravens in the Super Bowl next year…*

    • Wow! I couldn’t stop smiling as I read this. This is so funny! My favorite part is:
      “Sister: ‘Yep..oh yeah for sureā€¦the Fal- I mean Ravens are the best.’
      *subtly stares at her Atlanta Falcons jersey while shaking her head*”
      This is very good, Charissa. Well done!

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