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From Natalie: Your character falls into a dark hole, where are they?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. You would think that a normal and logically minded human being would be able to see a large hole there in the middle of the road and think “wow that looks dangerous, I probably shouldn’t step towards it.” But, you know, I decided to go all horror movie style and approach it. Nobody was awake. It had to be 2:00 in the morning and no one was going to be driving on a road with a large hole in the middle. Some caution tape perhaps would have been nice.
    But I’m rambling. Long story short, I fell into the hole. It had to be around a twelve foot drop. The only thing that I could see when I lifted my head was the crescent moon sitting in the pitch black sky. It’s light did nothing but mock me, showing me a future of jokes that would never end if I were to be found in the hole. “I thought Jack went up a hill not down a hole” “Jack be careful! Watch your step! We wouldn’t want you to fall again!” “Hey Jack, I think you left your dignity down there.”
    I would have flipped a table if I had one.
    I knew what I had to do, and so I pulled out my phone to dial 911. They asked how I got there, and that was a question I couldn’t really answer.
    Hanging up, I decided to explore while I waited for whoever it was they were sending to arrive. Whose job was it to collect teenagers from random holes? I felt around the edges, feeling the crumbling concrete brush up against my fingers. I continued in a circle, trying to feel anything that could be gripped onto. As I made my way around, my fingers did not feel the hard concrete that they had been searching against just seconds before. It was nothing. My hands felt nothing in this single spot. It was strange.
    I then realized that phones had flashlights. Today was just full of dumb decisions. I pressed the flashlight button and couldn’t believe my eyes.
    There was an opening. Almost like an entryway without a door, in this hole.
    I raised an eyebrow, and with that I had made the dumbest decision of the day.
    I crawled through it.
    I was nowhere to be found when help had arrived that night.

  2. Charlie gasped for air quickly as she felt the tension of the underground distrain the breath in her lungs. Needless to say, a fathomless ditch near the bight of the midnight- blue lake wasn’t as ventilated as an office. Charlie had been hiking through the forest of Acadia Mountains when she descried the indigo waves of an ample lake with silky blue water. Enacting on her trembling urge for wandering, she prowled her way down the forested landscape of the mountain range and affixed herself in her current raging dilemma.

    “Hello.” Her bottom lip trembled in fear as she crouched down onto the chipped grimy silt covering the surface of the sludge on the ground. Her heart felt heavy as the slight current drafted against her causing her skin to raise with goosebumps.

    “Hello.” Her mumbled cry faded in the air as an animal’s howl rang out clearly against the wild atmosphere. Ellie wished the wolf or coyote was a human that could help her vanish from her current condition. But sadly no mortal would ever brave the night in Acadia Mountains. Between the bitter weather, the flesh-eating animals, and the eerie ghost tales floating between the cracks of the grungy trees, these mountains were a fearsome whistle-stop that no soul ever passed by.

    “Hello.” Her voice sunk deep into the ground as she cradled her abdomen with her arms. Her sweater currently swaddling her wasn’t producing enough heat to scorch the chills in her trembling body. Ellie fingers were numb and her body felt paralyzed beneath the layer of rime decorated across her skin.

  3. Vanessa, don’t do this. I took a step closer. I really shouldn’t be doing this. I took another step closer. All alarms were going off in my head, but I ignored them as I took one more step towards the glowing tree, it called to me like gold calls a greedy man. I just wanted to feel the warmth that radiated from it’s glowing trunk, I wanted to bask in it’s pale light. Everything else fell away and I was left alone with this piercing desire. I took one step closer. I fell. The tree slipped out of my view and everything came back to me in waves, crashing my consciousness. What am I doing here? Why am I still falling?! My arms instinctively reached out for something to grab, something to stop me from hitting the ground that I would surely come to face. I extending my arms as far as they would go, stretching my fingertips in both directions. Nothing. I felt nothing. Safety was beyond my reach and the pitch blackness ran on for as far as my eyes could see. Looking up, I saw that even the light of the tree had vanished. How far would I fall before I hit the ground? Panic started to take over as I gathered speed. There was no way out. Would I fall forever? For the first time since I fell I noticed the smell. The strong odor of rotting leaves and decaying Earth hung in the air and clung to my nose. The pressure on my body was getting stronger. How deep was I now? The utter black crushed me as I closed my eyes and accepted my fate.

    I opened my eyes again.

    I saw my bedroom.

  4. The hole was innocent enough. A small black dot on an endless landscape of white, a pinprick- easy to miss. As Sarah neared the hole, she noticed a tiny spark of light deep within.

    It’s so cold here, she thought, rubbing her arms. This morning she’d woken up in this vast white emptiness. There was no trace of her familiar bedroom, no familiar landmark in sight. It was like she’d woken up in a desolate tundra. She’d been walking for hours….or years. Sarah didn’t really remember how much time had passed. Come to think of it, she couldn’t remember very much at all. She had no recollection of anything that had happened to her before she’d wandered into this colorless expanse.

    Finally, she’d encountered the hole. The only difference she could spot in the blank landscape she found herself in. She knelt to get a closer look. It was the size of a pizza, barely big enough to fit herself- but it would have to do. The temperature was dropping, quickly, and she had to escape soon if she didn’t want to freeze.

    Silently, Sarah slipped one leg over the lip of the hole. Instantly, the skin along her leg felt warm, as if she had dipped her leg into a heated pool. Alarmed, she retracted her leg and felt for traces of water with her hand- but her calf was completely dry.

    “It feels like water, but it isn’t water.” Sarah shook her head and took deep breaths. Then she realized she wasn’t breathing at all. She made the motions, heaved her chest up and down, but nothing was going in, and nothing was coming out. It didn’t hurt, either. She felt….fine.

    “I have to get out of here. This….this isn’t right.”

    Her hands shaking, Sarah gripped the edge of the hole with her toes. She took one last look at the big white space, which was now tinted a slight blue, almost the exact same shade of Sarah’s eyes. Her teeth chattered from the cold, and gooseflesh rose along her arms. It’s now or never, she thought, before leaning forward and dropping into the warm tunnel.


    “It’s a girl!” The doctor smiled behind his mask and lifted the wailing baby triumphantly. The baby’s mother, a pretty young woman whose hair was plastered to her face and neck with sweat, smiled weakly. Her husband smiled next to her, both of them glowing with happiness.

    “What are you going to name her?” a nurse asked, as she placed the wrinkled pink newborn into her mother’s hands.

    The father looked at the mother, and both of them smiled tenderly. “Well,” the mother began, “we were going to go with Rachel….”

    Here, the mother looked down at the baby, who looked back at her mother with wide, pale blue eyes.

    “But I think I like Sarah.”

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