Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: Your character is ordering a Mega-Sub. What’s on this boss

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “Can I have lettuce, tomato, pickles, provolone cheese, black olives, and olive oil, and vinegar on the sub please?” I say while staring at the gigantic beast in front of me. I woke up fifteen minutes late and missed having a delicious breakfast this morning. To make it up to my anxious stomach I’m treating myself to a gigantic sub for lunch.

    “Sure!” The college-aged Subway employee says while piling on delicious toppings onto my new BFF, the mega-sub. After five minutes of standing in the narrow line, my masterpiece was done and I gave the cashier a $10 dollar bill.

    “Thanks.” I say while smiling at the cashier after he hands me back my extra change. I turn around to the store’s exit and leave towards the parking lot where my car is waiting for me.

    “I cannot wait to go home and eat you.” I say to my sub as I unlock my car and slither my way inside to the comfy leather exterior.

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