Mary Sue by Kate

Once upon a time there lived a girl with eyes as bright as diamonds and hair as soft as silk. Born to a doting mother and a loving father, she was raised to be perfect. Deemed ‘societies experiment’ she was a chance at a world full of perfect people with perfect families. Because of this she eventually grew to detest her parents for giving her a life she didn’t want. But every evening after her studies she would leave to tend to her ever growing garden. Only was it there that she ever truly felt at peace. But one day all of that changed…
The day she discovered she was Divergent- I-I mean Gifted…
She possessed abilities far beyond that of any mortal man; she could talk herself out of any situation and stop a bullet with a snap of her fingers, by the time she was 16 she had the entire kingdom wrapped around her finger.
Though on the morning of her 17th birthday everything came crashing down around her. Her powers had been revealed by a vaguely described man with suspiciously handsome features.
The young woman fled the kingdom, and fell into the relatively safe hands of The Resistance. A group of angst ridden teenagers who wore leather jackets despite the intense heat of their current environment- a large underground bunker with no AC. It was there that she trained to become the warrior legend that she is remembered as today. Under the guidance of The Protagonist she grasped full control of her powers, allowing her to render her enemies incapacitated with a single flick of her hand.
Though throughout her obligatory training montage she began to develop feelings for The Protagonist. Feelings that he miraculously reciprocated- despite only meeting her days prior. They began dating in secret, for if The Boss discovered their relationship they would be cast out as traitors.
Together with the help of the Resistance they managed to win a battle of good vs evil and overthrow their Kingdoms current leader, placing our beloved lady on the throne. And who is this legendary woman that miraculously survived everything life had to throw at her while trying to be relate-able?
Why, her name was Mary Sue.


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  1. Ooh, this is good, Kate! The last line is powerful.

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