Everyday Ideas: Writing Inspiration from the Real World by Rosalind

A woman passed by me as I sat in the the dentist office, dressed in cheetah print and dancing as she collected business cards from the front counter. I’d write about her this weekend. A couple stood in the parking lot of Publix later that day and fought about who knows what. Maybe he cheated on her. That would make a great novella. But not a better one than the one that I thought up earlier this morning, as I sat when the rush died down at the clinic where I escort, allowing me to conjure up a whole entire short story centered around the dog that had paced the parking lot at around 8, right before the sun hit it’s max. Seemed like everywhere I looked a story could grow.
These are everyday ideas, the ones that come from what we see each day we leave our homes. The ones that blindside us at the checkout line in Target as we buy a chocolate bar and some Iodine. The one’s that startle us and show up with a bang as we fix out hair in the grungy bathroom mirror in a gas station. Maybe I could write a story about a man who’s trying to poison his sick mother with Iodine in her chocolate bar to gain her fortune early. Maybe there’s a poem in this grungy old gas station mirror. Everywhere you look there is potential for something grand. That’s the thing about writing, it’s everywhere you turn.
Life is one large story. From meals in restaurants where you watch the waiters each move. From the man that stands behind you in the line to get a hotdog. From the moment you wake up in the morning, these are times that we can open our eyes as creators of creativity, and notice the little things that could turn to something big.


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  1. I love this! So true.

  2. This is great! I need to do this more often.

  3. Love this!!

  4. I love these “everyday ideas!” It is so simple to just observe the world around you and be inspired.

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