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From Grace: Your character has the power to stop and start time. Write a scene where they use this power.

Write for 10 minutes. Post piece to comments.


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  1. “Leave me alone!” She shouted at him before heading for the door.

    “Please Danielle, just let me explain,” Alex shouted back, his heart about to be torn from his chest at the sight of his one love leaving him for good. She continued towards the door. He had really messed up this time. Really, really messed up.

    “Can I just please tell you one last thing?” He begged. He regretted this right when he said it. What was he possibly going to say to make this better? He was surprised that it worked.

    Danielle stopped in her tracks, turning her head around, arms crossed and eyebrows narrowed. Alex had never seen her this angry. “Fine. What is it so I can leave?”

    In a sudden panic, Alex snapped his fingers, causing everything to freeze. The dust particles in the morning air had stopped prancing through the light seeping through the windows. Danielle stood there frozen in her place. What was he going to say?

    “Should I apologize again?” He asked himself aloud. “Nah, if it didn’t work the first time then it’s clearly not effective.” He tapped his foot, flipping through an imaginary handbook in his mind that could possibly give him the answer to his current dilemma. “How about I charm her? Or maybe that will come off kind of jerky…”

    Alex was pacing at this point, getting some dust that sat in the air in his eyes. So there our protagonist Alex was, pacing around a time-frozen house chewing on his thumb as he tries to redeem his relationship with a girl that he had been going out with for almost two years now, the most successful relationship that he’s had. Little does our protagonist know that using his ability to stop and start time as he pleased was going to catch up to him. Little does our protagonist know that his teen feelings were blinding him from how to use his powers properly.

    Alex’s light bulb clicked on, and he knew exactly what he was going to say.

    With a snap of his fingers, time unfroze, and the particles in the air once again fluttered around them as Danielle’s foot now resumed tapping against the tile. “So go on,” she said. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t walk out right now.”

    He took a deep inhale. “I can’t change what I did,” he said. “But I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m not perfect. I don’t want to throw away what we have, but if you do, then I suppose you should leave. Don’t let me stop you.”

    He looked down at the floor with his hands in his pockets, trying to look as insecure as possible. He expected to feel her hand on his shoulder. He expected to hear her words tell him that it was okay, and that she wasn’t going anywhere. But all that Alex heard was the slamming of the door.

    If only he didn’t use so much time to think about his answer, then perhaps our protagonist wouldn’t be single.

  2. tyana sevilla

    Everyone has had the ‘falling to my death dream’ at least once. Your either faceing the ground and the sun, and your falling. Sometimes your going at a high speed; fast enough that you can’t even question how you ended up there in the first place, or slow enough that you have time to figure out the meaning of life before you wake up.

    This was the primary option; I was falling fast. My hair being pushed up by the speed, I was scrambling to grab hold of something; anything. But it was all to no avail.

    I hadn’t wanted to fall, in fact it was quite the opposite. I had been lured to the very edge of the school campus by a bully; I knew I shouldn’t have gone, but they would have gone out of their way to make my life the worse thing imaginable. This was the highest point of the entire town, an un fenced cliff high above a flowing canal. The school had plans to place a fence there, and usually they have someone guarding it so no one fools around over here. Surprisingly, no one was there, and when I turned to observe the view of the canal someone whipped me around so I could face them and pushed.

    I looked at my attacker, and soon to be murderer. As I fell, the farther I got the darker the shadow on their face was. I recognized a mask; white with red marks on certain parts. i shivered mentally at the idea that this had to be premeditated. Why else would someone push me to my death and wear a mask.

    I looked down to realize that I was about ten seconds to the ground.

    Eight seconds

    I wonder what everyone I knew was doing right now? I’ve heard how everything it just normal until it all changes.

    Six seconds

    I wonder how long it would take them to find my body? Days? Hours?

    Four seconds

    What if my body was all broken up? Like my head was smashed open? Depening on the placement and sharpness of the rocks below, this was probable.

    Two seconds
    And why was I giving up? One last try tide!

    Before I hit impact, a millisecond before I hit the ground, I made my last attempt to grab something to save myself.

    And then time all together stopped.
    Like I mean stopped.

    A bird who’d been flying over head was caught in mid air. The person who choses to push me was stopped mid-turn away.

    Everything was frozen.

    I didn’t really know what to do, I certainly wasn’t frozen, I placed my hand back down. How do you fix a broken universe?

    Time wasn’t passing, so I really have no idea how long I sat there with no idea how to help myself. my internal clock says it was a week, or what can be considered a week when time refuses to pass..

    At one point, my mind went on to assume that I had done it when I raised my hand.

    I then told myself to stop being an idiot.

    Then, what I think was a week, later I realize that it may really have been my hand.

    Well how exactly do I fix it brain? Can you answer that? I thought

    Afterward, I realized that if extending my hand has caused it maybe extending it again would do something.

    I lifted my hand, when nothing happened, I stretched a bit further. Things started to move again; backwards at least.

    My body was lifted up, the bird started to backwards, and my murderer had turned back around.

    So I had not only paued the world, I also put it in reverse.

    Welp, I broke the universe. I am sorry.

    Once I was placed back on the edge of the cliff, I turned head a bit. My murder was walking backwards; still staring at me with a determined look.

    Once the had disappeared back around the school, my own legs started to move backwards.

    Through the quad….

    Kids walked backwards, and through the echoing silence I hear students talk backwards; the cheerful music they put on between classes is going backwards. A group of pigeons is regurgitating some bread crumbs on the ground where a student has left a piece of bread.

    To be frank, I am weirded out.

    I go through the hall and up the stairs of the school….

    Students and teachers are again walking and talking backwards. Ironically, some idiot who was walking backwards with his friends is now the only one walking forwards. I see him back away from a female student I kind of recognize.

    I snorted, it was obvious he was about to bump into her. If I ever figured out how to undo what I did, I would have to run and warn the two of them. Or not I mean how bad can bumping into a person be.

    I enter my class room, and still walking backwards, sit down in the seat next to my friend and roommate, Cayden.

    The teacher moonwalked back in, with a few other classmates. One of them started to do some backwards chit chat before moonwalking to their seat.

    At the rate I’m going to start de-aging, who knows if it doesn’t stop once I don’t exsist? I thought frantically

    . I placed my hand up again, hoping I didn’t somehow speed up the reversion process and boom!

    “Mr. Ramos, care to answer the question?” the teacher asked, in the same positoon she’d been reverse teaching in up until that point.

    I realized that my hand was still up, luckily I remembered the question and how to answer it.

    “um, yes; the answer is b.” I said

    “very good mr. Ramos!” the teacher beamed “would anyone care to tell me why?”

    I put my hand down, someone else could answer that one. A wave of drowsiness had flowed through me; maybe an after effect of forcing time to stop and go backward? I yawned quietly, as Cayden answered the question.

    I noticed my bully, the person who lured me to the cliff glowering at me; something I didn’t noticed before. I would have to speak with them later, I wonder why murder would ever enter their mind.

    Speaking of which, common sense told me that I did not want to end up going back to the cliff. I was resolved to take Cayden up on his offer to watch the karate club train.

  3. This prompt was posted a while ago but I was looking through the blog needing some inspiration. It’s something short when she finds out she can start and stop time, just something that came to mind.

    Ember’s heart pounded against her chest with every step they took closer. The sound nearly drowning out every clear thought in her mind. They were closing in on her, a group of suited men with grim looks shadowing their faces and guns held in their hands. Guns that were all pointing at her, and something in her gut told her they never missed a shot. Her eyes shut tightly, trying to focus on any thoughts and ideas she possibly had to get out of this alive. It happened so fast, nothing registered in her mind. One moment they were all rushing towards her, and the next she opened her eyes when she was met with a deafening silence, and a sort of stillness she had never experienced before. Time seemed to be standing still. Ember’s eyes furrowed in confusion, blinking a few times to make sure her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her. Time was literally standing still, the only one moving was her own self. Was she the one who had done this? Her eyes were glued to one of the suited men and his weapon pointing directly towards her. A surge of energy rushed through her as she managed to stand on her feet once more, turning around to examine the scene around her. She lifted her hand up to press her fingers against the skin of the man now in front of her, making sure they were real and this wasn’t some figment of her imagination. As she waved her hand again shock coursed through her when time began again. She immediately fell into a fatal position, her head tucked tightly between her knees and released a loud scream,
    “Stop!” A few seconds later she realized the silence took over once again. She slowly regained her previous pose and her eyes widened. She had to be the one controlling this, but how?

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